Best American Humorous Short Stories HTML version

"And Preciosa?"
Titbottom paused. He had just opened the door and the moonlight streamed over him as
he stood, turning back to us.
"I have seen her but once since. It was in church, and she was kneeling with her eyes
closed, so that she did not see me. But I rubbed the glasses well, and looked at her, and
saw a white lily, whose stem was broken, but which was fresh; and luminous, and
fragrant, still."
"That was a miracle," interrupted Prue.
"Madam, it was a miracle," replied Titbottom, "and for that one sight I am devoutly
grateful for my grandfather's gift. I saw, that although a flower may have lost its hold
upon earthly moisture, it may still bloom as sweetly, fed by the dews of heaven."
The door closed, and he was gone. But as Prue put her arm in mine and we went upstairs
together, she whispered in my ear:
"How glad I am that you don't wear spectacles."