Best American Humorous Short Stories HTML version

Mr. Englehart, not waiting to inquire into the merits of the case in this scene of
confusion, hastened to get his family out as quietly and as quickly as possible, but groans
and hisses followed his niece as she hung half-fainting on his arm, quailing completely
beneath the instinctive indignation of the rustic public. As she passed out, a yell
resounded among the rude boys about the door, and she was lifted into a sleigh,
insensible from terror. She disappeared from that evening, and no one knew the time of
her final departure for "the east."
Mr. Kingsbury, who is a just man when he is not in a passion, made all the reparation in
his power for his harsh and ill-considered attack upon the master; and we believe that
functionary did not show any traits of implacability of character. At least he was seen, not
many days after, sitting peaceably at tea with Mr. Kingsbury, Aunt Sally, and Miss Ellen;
and he has since gone home to build a house upon his farm. And people do say, that after
a few months more, Ellen will not need Miss Bangle's intervention if she should see fit to
correspond with the schoolmaster.