Best American Humorous Short Stories HTML version

For a half-hour she stood at the end of the lane, and then hungry Balaam and his master
hove in sight. Reaching out her hand, she checked the beast.
"William," said she, very gently, "where is the mule?"
The elder had been asleep. He woke and gazed upon her blankly.
"What mule, Hannah?"
"The mule you rode to town."
For one full minute the elder studied her face. Then it burst from his lips:
"Well, bless me! if I didn't bring Balaam and forgit the mule!"
The woman laughed till her eyes ran water.
"William," said she, "you're drunk."
"Hannah," said he, meekly, "I know it. The truth is, Hannah, I--"
"Never mind, now, William," she said, gently. "You are tired and hungry. Come into the
house, husband."
Leading Balaam, she disappeared down the lane; and when, a few minutes later, Hannah
Brown and her husband entered through the light that streamed out of the open door her
arms were around him, and her face upturned to his.