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Hrothgar’s Gratitude
Hrothgar Moralizes (XXVI.)60
Rest after Labor
Sorrow at Parting (XXVII.)62
The Homeward Journey (XXVIII.)64
The Two Queens
Beowulf and Higelac (XXIX.)67
Beowulf Narrates his Adventures to Higelac (XXX.)69
Gift-Giving is Mutual (XXXI.)73
The Hoard and the Dragon (XXXII.)75
Brave Though Aged (XXXIII.)78
Beowulf Seeks the Dragon (XXXIV.)81
Beowulf’s Reminiscences
Reminiscences (continued) (XXXV.)83
Beowulf’s Last Battle
Wiglaf the Trusty (XXXVI.)88
Beowulf is Deserted by Friends and by Sword
The Fatal Struggle (XXXVII.)91
Beowulf’s Last Moments
Wiglaf Plunders the Dragon’s Den (XXXVIII.)93
Beowulf’s Death
The Dead Foes (XXXIX.)95
Wiglaf’s Bitter Taunts
The Messenger of Death (XL.)97
The Messenger’s Retrospect (XLI.)99
Wiglaf’s Sad Story (XLII.)103
The Hoard Carried Off
The Burning of Beowulf (XLIII.)106