Beginning at the End


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Everyone has had bad days, but when Ella’s entire world is shattered--first by the unexpected death of her father; and then by the revelation that her husband has been cheating on her, her bad day nearly becomes her last. Standing on the brink of suicide, a sudden moment of inspiration causes her to realize that she still wants something out of this life. Following a childhood dream, she moves to England to live with her odd-couple grandparents. Her well-intending grandmother (Nan) had taken it upon herself to gain Ella the consideration of employment at the law firm of a Gavin Malon, whom Ella soon learns is a “glacier beneath a Gucci”. Download this FREE e-Book today!

Estrella Lopez

Good plot line but stopped to quickly. Needed to be proof read before posting on-line. Please try again!


I liked this book. I liked the humour and hope you have written more stories. I felt that you were hurrying to get it all down and perhaps your typing could not keep up, hence the errors. Perhaps you could get one of your friends to proof read your stories before you submit them. Please keep on writing, this was a good story and I read it at one sitting. Kind regards Jan


For due diligence, I am not into romance novels. Yet I enjoyed the story line and the characters, esp. considering the author's discreet avoidance of torrid sexual portrayals. I also understand that, perhaps, some of the examples I have addressed might be British variations of American English. Nonetheless, the “errors” submitted below are just a small fraction of the errors throughout the manuscript that were distracting and, sometimes, confusing to me. The copy of the novel that I downloaded does not have the copyright date, but most of the errors could have been easily found with spell-checking software, if it was available when the novel was written. Although I have not documented it, the punctuation throughout the work was very poor with the same results as above. Significant ErrorsWrong -- Right -- CommentAllan feigned interest -- Gavin feigned interest -- wrong name (horrible mistake)yet more then that -- yet more than that -- time vs compare (everywhere)to -- too -- direction vs excessive (frequent)mater-of-factly -- matter-of-factly -- spelling (everywhere)comradory -- camaraderie -- spellingsegway -- segue -- spellingsomeone looses a leg -- someone loses a leg -- makes loose vs no longer hasyou first moved hear -- you first moved here -- sound vs placeyour still -- you're still -- possession vs you arethrough -- throw -- via vs tossthe moonlight that shown through -- the moonlight that shone through -- show vs shine Moderate ErrorsWrong -- Right -- Commentjust hasn‟t known -- just hadn't known -- tensehow you may react -- how you might react -- permitted vs possiblya moment where a moment when place vs time Minor ErrorsWrong -- Right -- Commenteyes were shinning -- eyes were shining -- spellingdo myself a harm -- do myself harm -- spellingnone the less -- nonetheless -- spellinggrabbing a hold of -- grabbing ahold of or grabbing hold of -- spellingup turned face -- upturned face -- spellingNicole over heard -- Nicole overheard -- spellingshe had, overtime -- she had, over time -- working late vs a period of timesister in law -- sister-in-law -- spelling

Terrie Hoelscher

Why does the book's description refer to the main character as "Ella", when it is, in fact, your own name?Also, this book is FULL of grammatical, punctuation, spelling and sentence-structure errors. Why didn't you have someone proof read it for you? It's very distracting to read, constantly being held up by poor grammar, inexcusable spelling mistakes, etc. "Here" for "hear", "bear" for "bare", "it's" for "its", and so on. Please let someone proof read your next work. The story line is interesting and an easy, enjoyable read.

Callum Darbishire

As a proof reader/English language lecturer, I was very disappointed that the punctuation was extremely poor, no apostrophies, gaps where there should not (bet ween, slap stick), her for here, bear for bare, mam for ma'am etc.,etc. If Nicole Duffeck reads this, please contact me - - for proof reading your next book. I enjoyed the content and hope that you write many more books.

Claudine Davis

Great book, only disappointing thing was that it was too short. Love it.

Valerie D. McNeal

Great book! would enjoy reading others by this author.

bansari trivedi

very well narrated... surely yes can read other books of the same author

Arilyn van Aswegen

I thought the story was good, would definately read another book by this author.

Jean Kleinhans

A good easy read with a good story within the story.

Evalyn Githina

lovely characters in a well written book.


I love the bookk, but it's just really short. What happens with Nicole and Gavin after he comes back. Do they go back to London or do they stay in wisconsin, but I loved it.

Evalyn Githina

This book was well written, and a fun read. The characters are lovable and all it needs is some minor editing to be perfect.

Omotosho Tiffany

It's a really nice book i don't like reading romantic novel much but this one is an exception it was well written i love it


very good book would read another of this authors books.

Susan Longhurst

A very good story. I wish the English grammar had been a bit better.

v.malar vili velayutham

very interesting from the start to the end

Jiya Coolzzz

Just nice and a great moral support book for the ones who experienced it their selves out there.

Freda K

I always want to give everyone who has the gumption to actually put a book 'out there' for others to read a huge pat on the back. This could have been quite a good short novel but oh! the mistakes and confusion are just too many to forgive. This is not up to par at all and the author would do well to ask forgiveness, pull it out, do the work and then put it back in again....


Good story, but difficult to read; too many typo's and grammatical errors. The main male character's name changed back and forth between Gavin and Alan???? The story ended very abruptly. It would have been nice for Nicole to experience a little joy in her life, after what she had been through, before the book ended. The author has talent, but really needs an editor.


other than the grammar errors and such, this was a great book. Wish it would have been longer!


Its awesome read! Hey Nicole, please complete the ended so soon!!


enjoyed this short read very much.. nicely written and human emotions described well.. although i think the plot became very much predictable after the initial twist and turns... kudos to the author anyways :)


Quite a good read


such an interesting, breath taking novel

Kerrie Leeder

Enjoyable short story but the grammar and spelling is awful. All the same was a good read just needs a little tweaking.

Heike Glüse

Nice story and good writing but the mistakes are absolutely horrible, there are also sentences in which words are missing. I'm not a native speaker so I sometimes had to read sentences more than once to get the point. I wonder if there's a way to contact the author?? Proofread it would definitely be a great book without reservations.

Anusha Joshi

awesome writing with a consistent flow of words.......... enjoyed reading it .......

Jodie Wyman Gibb

Was a good story but had to spell check it before I could read it. No apostrophes used and was giving me a headache.


I really enjoyed reading this book. In my opinion, if you are a good reader, the grammatical errors and apostrophes won't keep you from getting the point.

karen pittman

As I said, I liked this book but I agree that there were too many mistakes that took away from the pleasure I received from reading this book. I am always proof reading too.

karen pittman

this was a realy good read


this book was really good..


some errors with names and grammar.

Rosalind Schlabitz

The editing and lack of apostrophes makes it a bit of a challenge to read but other than that a really good book. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Linda Bibb

OMG. the spelling and grammatical errors are horrendous! Who writes a book without proofing it? That was so unfair to readers, not to mention inconsiderate. Don't waste your time on this if you're literate.

Machelle Moore

Great read, couldn't put it down,would have been even better if it were longer.


At first glance I didn't feel the story was long enough to involve the details needed to leave me feeling complete ... I was SOoo wrong. I don't think you needed another word.


A beautiful love story which leaves a smoothing feel to the heart...a must read for the romantic

Tammy Galarza

Leaves you wanting more.... it was a great book!

Sharon Ames

I agree with most everyone else in reference to the shortness, grammar,and unfinished ending. If the writer had written another 75 to 100 pages it would have been even better.

Tara Brannan

I'm not huge reader, but I read this in less than 24hours. Laughed and cried, great read xx

Pippa Jones

I gave up on this book. To begin with there is little structure, names change, errors are too much to bother myself trawling through. This is the first download from this site for me and I very much hope that this is not the standard of every book. Not impressed so far.


Beginning at the End is the type of book which doesn’t let you avert your eyes even for a few minutes lest you miss the story. The book is captivating with characters who face similar sorrowful fates but the positive note and the most striking feature about the book is that it has friends, relatives and colleagues who are caring and understanding and trying to better the situation. The novel proves that when aspects of mutual love and respect are questioned problems crop up between couples. No one can control everything all the time, but for the multi-talented Nicole, fate favors in the form of good advice from her kind-hearted people and she deftly maneuvers the situation to her side.

Lynette Ellis

Good story. Pity about the spelling mistakes.

a stewart

Liked it. Easy read. Good characters

Rosemary Murphy

I would have found it more enjoyable if there were not so many mistakes. Better proof reading in future please.


Too short. . .But sweet


A very nice read


Interesting and captivating story but comes to a quick end

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