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Download the book in PDF, ePub, Kindle for a complete version. – The biggest internet marketing forum in the World use it to your advantage.

2. - Awesome forum with good traffic levels. Run by internet marketer Paul Lynch he is a good guy and runs a great internet marketing forum.

3. – Lisa Irby is the webmaster of this forum that focuses on al kinds of topics from website creation, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, sitebuilder, reviews, and much, much, more. Go check it out!

My favorite random websites to increase your website traffic.

4. Facebook – Need I say more? Did you guys see the social network? Awesome movie, and awesome site. Internet marketing tip: Increase your website traffic ( visitors ) By building a Facebook fanpage.

5. – Huge social networking site. Internet marketing tip: After creating your Tagged account go to the match app and click yes on everybody. A lot of these people will requst you to be their friend. You will add a lot of friends this way 6. - The original high powered social networking site.

7. - Started by a few high school kids now worth millions.

8. – Build up your Twitter followers and tweet about your website to increase your website traffic.

9. Craigslist Forum – Secret way to increase your website traffic. Most people do not even know that Craigslist has a forum. Works real well!

10. Craigslist Classifieds – Post a few classifieds now and then advertising your website, or blog.

11. U.S.freeads – If you have a premium membership which is $9.99 month you can write unlimited, attractive classified ads that rank well in the search engines. Definitely worth the money.

12. – Write articles related to your website, or blog to increase your websites visitors. This directory is the biggest in the article marketing World.

13. – Hot on the heels of is they get a lot of traffic also. Quick Note: Be sure to write 100% original content when submitting an article nowadays. Due to the changes in Googles search algorithm they are deleting duplicate content from their systems. You can read more about it in my blog post below.

14. – Another high powered article directory for you to submit some articles too.

15. – Another decent article directory but the top 3 above are the best 3 if your looking for popular article directories to submit your articles too.

16. – My favorite press release site to advertise your website, or blog for a nice increase in traffic. Internet marketing tip: You can blatantly advertise your website, or blog choose your keywords wisely they rank well in the search engines.

17. – Business directory and classified site that gets a lot of traffic from business professionals. Definitely grab a free account here.

18. – Good site that gets a lot of traffic geared towards business professionals, internet marketers, and affiliate marketers. I get a good amount of website visitors from better networker by submitting articles, and participating in their online forum.

19. – Secret seo strategies some may disagree with but they do get a lot of traffic and it is worth joining and looking around this forum. At the very least you will learn a few new things.

20. – Awesome traffic source! You can monetize your hubs 4 different ways to make money. Through affiliate programs, adsense, kontera, and amazon ads. You are allowed up too 2 different affiliate links on each hub that you write but they must not lead to the same site. Easy enough right? They rank extremely high in the search engines. I have earned quite a bit of money online through Hubpages alone. Check them out! This is a must have tool to increase your website, or blogs traffic levels.

21. – A good blog for you to comment on various posts for a backlink and an increase in your websites traffic levels. Do not spam make intelligent, relevant comments and your website will be rewarded properly.

22. – Very high trafficed blog and he updates it quite often. Same applies here. Make relevant intelligent comments on John’s blog with a backlink to your website in your comments and you will be rewarded with an increase in traffic.

23. – Very high traffic blog this guy has made millions online so his blog is a great place to learn about internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and tons of other cool stuff.

Make a comment for a backlink pointing to your website, or blog for some extra website visitors.

24. – Affiliate marketing tips from super affiliate zac Johnson. This is one of my favorite blogs his blogs design is top notch, and the information he provided to his blogs visitors is even better. is a must visit if your gonna be serious about learning internet marketing.

25. – You didn’t think I was gonna forget about my blog did you? My blog is a great blog to learn all about affiliate marketing, internet marketing, product reviews, affiliate programs, and ways to earn more money online. I update it at least 3 times a week with fresh unique content. So stop in and comment on one of my posts for a nice increase in traffic to your website, or blog.

26. – She has a nice blog with some good information related to internet marketing.

27. - Kim Roach is the webmaster of this blog and she has good traffic levels along with some great website traffic tips she also runs a traffic site cal ed traffic dashboard you can check it out here if your interested in some more ways to increase your website visitors. The ‘Traffic Dashboard’ is a one-of-a-kind traffic platform that shows you how to point-and-click your way to increased traffic.

28. - Down-To-Earth Advice For Bloggers and Internet Marketers. Run by top internet marketer Yaro Starak another great internet marketing blog with some useful information.

29. Blogging and making money online tips for more success. Another good blog with some good blog posts for you to comment on for an increase in traffic to your website, or blog.

30. - Good traffic source that teaches you how to get started with your small business.

31. - The name says it al . A good traffic source and backlink for your blog, or website.

32. – The internet marketing eggspert. Work at home resource for internet marketing home based business entrepreneurs.

33. - Work at home moms – they get a lot of traffic so take advantage of it they have a work at home forum for moms, a blog, and an online directory. Very cool website.

34. - Great traffic source a question and answer site that can bring your website, or blog a lot of visitors. Take advantage of it!

35. - The most popular question and answer site online and it is a great traffic source if you play by the rules. Answer questions related to your website, or blogs niche for some targeted traffic. You can make a profile on Yahoo answers and include a bio about your website. When you get up to level 2 after answering a cetain amount of questions. All the links to your website become active and clickable. They can also visit your Yahoo answers profile where you will have a backlink to your website, or blog. This is a great way to increase your sites visitors.

36. - A cool site where you can make money by reviewing, and promoting products, and drive buzz, and traffic to your site.

37. - made for entrepreneurs by internet marketing entrepreneurs. Some good online business tips. They also have a forum, and a blog, so you can participate and drive targeted traffic to your own website, or blog. Plus many more options you will have to check it out to find out more info.

38. - breaking news and opinions on this major website. They get tons of traffic so make a profile and start commenting on some posts and see your websites visitors rise.

39. - Lisa Irby runs this website. She is also the forum owner of which I mentioned above. Her website gets a lot of traffic so make sure to stop in and comment on a few of her posts on this blog. She also has very good information on this blog that has a lot to do with website creation etc….

40. - Free website advertising. You rate other peoples blogs and websites with this website. In return you earn credits for them to review and check out your website, or blog. Sort of like a traffic exchange but it does produce a little better results. Worth it to check out!

41. Youtube - One of my favorite ways to drive targeted traffic to my blogs, and websites.

Youtube gets more traffic than Yahoo, and Bing combined. I bet you didn’t know that? So take advantage of it and submit some videos promoting your website, or blog. Internet marketing tip: Videos go viral, and can be shared the same way articles can. Whenever you submit a video to youtube when you are writing your videos description in the box provided make sure to include a link to your website first. For example my blog is about earning money online, and internet marketing. If I am submitting a video promoting my blog in the description box. I would leave first. Visit: make money online, great internet marketing strategies, etc… etc… You get the point the link is then clickable when put in this format. And if the video is shared somewhere else you stil have that link to your website, or blog. This is a great traffic strategy for targeted traffic to your website use it!

42. – Another good website this guy knows his stuff. He also runs a membership site teaching people all about internet marketing, and affiliate marketing. This website also gets a lot of traffic.

43. - This is one of my personal favorite traffic sources online. If you are trying to build up your email list this is a must join. The cost of a safeswaps membership is $15.00 a month which is chump change compared to the money I make by being a member.

Not too mention al the free website traffic that I can handle.

44. Digitalpointforums - This is a very high traffic forum for you to participate in – where you will see a nice increase in your websites traffic through your forum signature link. You make a forum signature link for all forums that you join online that will be a link to your website, or blog for all you beginners reading this!

45. RSS Feeds - If your a blogger just submitting your blogs rss feed to the major rss directories will increase your website traffic.

46. – Create a squidoo lens promoting your website, or blog. Many internet marketers swear by Squidoo. I swear by Hubpages. But too each their own, we al have our own opinions. But one thing we can both agree on is that Squidoo is a great traffic source.

47. - Run by super affiliate marketer Rosalind Gardner. She has made millions online throughout her internet marketing career and she runs a blog that can point you in that same direction. Rosalind Gardner is a very well respected marketer in the IM

community. Her blog is top notch so check it out!

48. - Everything you would do to make $5 bucks. You can set up gigs for yourself, or buy gigs. It is also very useful for increasing your websites traffic levels. Fivver is used by a lot of top internet marketers -myself included.

49. Social Bookmarking Sites - Make sure you submit your blog, or website to the top social bookmarking sites., Google bookmarks, Yahoo bookmarks, Msn Bookmarks, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Furl, Reddit, etc… etc…

50. Search Engine Optimization Most Important Of Them All - If you do not know anything about it at least learn the basics. I offer a few recommended courses on my blog that cover SEO in great detail. This is long lasting free traffic from the search engines which is the best kind of traffic that your website, or blog can get. If your website is optimized well you will make a lot of money assuming you are selling some decent products. Your website will see a major increase in targeted visitors all on autopilot – just by taking the time to learn how to optimize your website for the search engines. Internet marketing seo tip -Find some keywords related to whatever you are selling, use Googles free keyword research tool, and look for keywords with low competition, that are highly searched. Sprinkle these keywords into your website, or blogs content. This is just a starting point there is a lot more to learn with seo so start doing your research. But there is nothing better than free targeted buyers visiting your website because they found your website through the search engines.

***** Cool website you guys have to check out***** it is called milking the web they have al kinds of free cool widgets for your websites, or blogs that I love. A must see site with some very useful widgets for all internet marketers.

Feel free to link to this blog and share this post with a friend who is struggling with their traffic levels. Increase Website Traffic ( visitors ) 50 Free Proven Strategies That Work Must Read!

To Your Online Success, Jay!

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Learn Affiliate Internet Marketing Training Steps

You Need To Take To Get Started

This post is gonna be a To- Do list on how you can get started with your very own internet marketing business from scratch. Affiliate marketing for you beginners out there reading this post is referring a vendor’s product, or service in exchange for a commission. If someone clicks on your text link, or ad with your affiliate tracking code already embedded in it and buys that product, or service through your link you earn a commission. Pretty cut, and dry! Oh, and affiliate marketing is big business to say the least. Billions of dollars are exchanged each year between online businesses and their affiliates. Want your share of this lucrative pie?

Here Is How To Get Started With Your Very Own Internet – Affiliate Marketing Business. Follow These Steps:

• Think of what you would like to sell, or promote online? What subject interests you?

Then ask yourself is there a demand for these type of products? Is the competition fierce for this particular niche? If your a beginner try to find a niche that has the possibility to make you a lot of money but one that is not too competitive. Your a beginner get your feet wet before you compete with the big dogs.

• Sign up with a few affiliate programs and find some affiliate products related to whatever you want to start selling in, or your niche. My favorites are the Clickbank

marketplace, Rapbank, Shareasale, Payspree, and Commission Junction.

• Once you set up a free account at a few of these top affiliate programs you are gonna want to make a tracking link, or a hoplink. This is how you are gonna get paid so make sure you set it up correctly! With clickbank your hoplink will be your user name when you sign up for your free affiliate account. All you have to do is input your user name into the account nickname field after you click promote on the affiliate product that you want to advertise. The tracking i.d field is optional but I do recommend it so you know where your clicks are coming from in your internet marketing campaigns.

• For example: You are advertising a link on your blog that you just started and a visitor clicks on your clickbank link that you have placed strategically on your blog. If you have the tracking id set up as jaysblog for example you will know that particular click came from your blog. If you are advertising on backpage for example a top classified site you can set the tracking i.d to backpagead so you know where your clicks are coming from.

Get it? The tracking i.d’s let you know which affiliate marketing campaigns are performing well and which one’s to ditch. Conclusion: Use the tracking i.d whenever possible. I hope I explained it so you understand it.

• Find and buy a domain name. A domain name is for example or your internet address, or URL. You also want your domain name to include some good keywords related to whatever you are gonna be sel ing. For example: If your gonna be promoting earn money online products which I do not suggest you go into because the competition is fierce. You may want to buy a domain name with the keywords earn money online products in it if it is available. Check out and see if they have one that you are interested in and buy it after you do your keyword research. Find a domain name that has a keyword phrase related to whatever your blog, or website is trying to sel that has a lot of searches with low competition. This will take some research on your part but you are a smart cookie you can do it!

• Start a self hosted WordPress blog, or a website where you actually pay the small monthly fee for a company to host your site for you. I recommend Hostgator that is who I use and I am very happy with them. If you want to build a real affiliate – internet marketing business website hosting is a must. It is cheap about $5 – $ 10 bucks a month and you can pretty much do what you want without fear of breaking anybody else’s rules. These are your rules on your paid site you call your own shots as long as you are not doing anything il egal you should be fine.

• Do not build your new affiliate internet marketing business on quicksand by going the cheap free hosting route such as They are free for a reason you do not own them Google does and they can delete your blog for whatever reason they deem fit. Trust me I went this route when I was a beginner and did not know any better and I built my money site on Big mistake my blog was deleted and all my hard work was flushed down the virtual toilet. Not a good way to start my new affiliate marketing career at all. Lesson learned I moved on do not make the same mistakes I made as a beginner pay for your own hosting and build a real internet business that will last. You have been warned and like the saying goes you can drag a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. I hope your smart enough to listen to this advice!

• Only post 100% unique content on your website, or blog. Do not copy and paste someone else’s content onto your website, or blog and claim it as your own. First off it is not cool at al in most cases, and secondly Google will not rank your website highly in the search engines which will kill your online business in the long run. After the last Google update Google slammed affiliate sites that had a large amount of duplicate content that were trying to game the search engines. This was a good thing for me, and all the other real affiliate – internet marketing blogs out there on the internet who work hard on our online businesses. To recap: Only post the content if you write it yourself on your blog, or website or you will be paying the piper eventually.

• Drive traffic to your affiliate offers so you can start to make some money from your online efforts.

• Learn seo so you can rank highly in the search engines for whatever you will be promoting as an affiliate marketer. I highly recommend you check out this seo course it will be a one time investment that will help you make money for years to come. A very good course for beginners who are new to seo. You can check it out here!

• Free traffic techniques – article marketing, classified ads, social networking, internet marketing forums such as the Warriorforum for example, social bookmarking, blog commenting, blog posting, press releases, pay per click, guest blog posting, j.v’s with other internet marketers in your niche, adswaps, email marketing, the list goes on and on. These are free ways to drive targeted traffic to your blog, website, or affiliate offers.

• Once you start building your new affiliate internet marketing businesses traffic levels up and you are starting to make some money online you are gonna want to start an email list a.s.a.p. The money is in the email list so capture your casual website visitors and turn them into paying subscribers now, or down the line. I recommend Aweber as my email provider of choice and so do many other top internet marketers.

• Keep plugging away at your affiliate internet marketing business and realize you will not get rich overnight. Internet marketing takes a lot of work especial y in the beginning. This is a business treat it as such and put in a little effort each and every day. Every blog post you make, every article that you post, every forum comment that you answer, every press release that you submit, every classified that you write, every affiliate program that you successful y promote, and make money with gets you one step closer to your ultimate goal. Financial freedom, and eventually an internet business that runs itself on autopilot 24 hours a day 7 days a week and collects money for you even while you sleep. How cool is that? See what a little hard work can do for your pocketbooks?

• What are you looking at! Get to work and start making your online dreams a reality no-one’s going to do it for you.

My Favorite Affiliate Programs Free To Sign Up.

Find some Products, Or Services, Related To

Your Blog, Or Website To Promote.

1. Commission Junction

2. Linkshare

3. Clickbank

4. Share-A-Sale

5. Amazon -

6.Rapbank –

These tips should get you started on your way to a profitable online income stream. All you have to do next is drive traffic to your new money making site. I hope you learned something with this internet marketing training post. If you found this blog post helpful make sure you share it with a friend.

To Your Online Success, Jay!


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Rapbank Affiliate Program Review

Click Banner To Sign Up For Your Free Rapbank Account And Get Paid Instant Affiliate Commissions

I am gonna start this blog post off right and get straight to the point. I love the Rapbank marketplace. No beating around the bush for me. They are official y my favorite place to find all kinds of good material to buy, and review. And if I find the product helpful, and of value, I recommend that product to my blog readers.

Here is why I like the Rapbank marketplace so well, and why I am doing this review. First off payments are made instantly to your Paypal business account after a sale is made. It does not get any better than instant affiliate commissions.

Secondly: There is a ton of quality products in many different niches that you can promote as an affiliate on your blog, or website, and make some nice extra money online doing so.

Third: This is a great reason. If your familiar with the Clickbank marketplace. They are the biggest digital marketplace for affiliates in the World. They have tens of thousands of digital products for you to choose from to promote to your blog, website, or email list. They are another great affiliate program and I also recommend them highly. Clickbank always pays on time, and they are very reliable. My biggest downfalls with the Clickbank marketplace from an affiliates standpoint is people can buy from their own affiliate links – which I do not like at al .

Secondly, if your in the internet marketing niche everyone knows about Clickbanks 60 day return policy so the refunds can be pretty high. And believe me internet marketers take advantage of this generous return policy. They can even like the product they bought and just return it because they know they can get their money back. It is a very unethical practice that takes money out of the hard working affiliates promoting these products. Dont get me wrong I love the Clickbank marketplace, and you can make some great money promoting their products. But these two reasons are my biggest drawbacks about Clickbank.

Not so with Rapbank! Want to know why? Ever try buying from yourself through paypal? I can tel you from experience you can’t! What does this mean for you? More money in your pockets, and far less returns. I have roughly 100 – 200 sales of internet marketing products through Rapbank. These are products that I have bought myself, if I like them I promote them to my blog. Guess how many returns I have had with these products? Only 1. I am not kidding that is it just 1! And that 1 was from someone who did not click on the link to get the product he ordered.I just looked up my stats 122 sales and 1 return. Try getting these results with any other affiliate program out there.

Conclusion: Very few returns, instant commissions for all affiliates with a Paypal business account, and you cannot buy through your own affiliate links. Does it real y get any better than this if your an affiliate marketer? Rapbank is definitely my favorite affiliate program out there at the moment. You guys, and Girls can sign up for free by clicking on the Rapbank banner above.

Quick Note: Make sure you sign up for a Paypal business account so you can get paid instant commissions through Rapbank. A business account is free with Paypal it will not cost you a thing. Go sign up, and let me know your results with Rapbank. I hope you enjoyed this review of the Rapbank instant commission affiliate network.

Blogging For Beginners And Dummies

Blogging can be fun, and lucrative, but also very challenging. What are the chal enges facing todays bloggers? If your just starting out picking a lucrative evergreen niche that will be around for years to come can be your meal ticket for long term blogging success.

You do not want to pick a niche that has a limited shelf life. You will only make some quick cash from your efforts not build a sustainable long term Home Based Business.

So ask yourself these questions? Do you want to be a one hit wonder like Mil i Vanilli? Or do you want to set up a long term sustainable cash cow from your blogging efforts that can earn you a nice residual income on autopilot for years, and years to come?

The answer should be a No – Brainer! Build an online business on a solid foundation, and your blog will reward you by putting extra money in your bank account, and can also put you on the fast track to success by one day ditching your day job. Maybe one day you can call yourself a full time internet marketer – Blogger. I bet that brought a smile to your face! If everything is done properly of course. And you do not build your online business on quicksand, by hosting your money making blog on a free hosting platform like blogger.

Blogger is free for a reason people they have a lot of drawbacks which I will discuss later in this post.

Here Are A Few Tips To Monetize Your Blog Properly. And Make More Money From Your Blogging Efforts.

1. Pick a niche that is gonna be around for years to come like the internet marketing niche, make money online niche, relationship niche, beauty niche, dating niche, the list goes on and on. These are just a few examples of evergreen niches that will be around for years to come, that are good topics to base your blog around. Ask yourself what am I interested in?

2. Pick a topic to base your blog around that you are passionate about. You will earn more money in the long run and it will be easier for you to write about and update your blog posts on a daily basis if possible. C’mon your no dummy pick something you love talking about.

3. Do your keyword research – I use the Google adwords keyword research tool to find keywords that are highly searched with low competition. These are the keywords you are targeting and even more so if your a beginner and your just learning blogging. You have to build your blogs firepower in the serps or (search engine ranking positioning) before you can go after highly competitive keyword phrases. And even then I would recommend longer keyword terms to target which is a whole new post altogether.

Think about it for a second what is the use of blogging for money if no one can find your blog posts? The Internet is a huge, huge, place. And it gets bigger and bigger by the minute. Your goal should be to find long tail keyword phrases to target that are highly searched with low competition. Your goal is to land on the first page of Google for your blog posts title. Traffic is the key to online success, if you do not have any traffic, you will not make any money blogging. Remember that last point all you beginners and dummies out there new to blogging.

( Take the dummy comments all in good fun I know your smart ) 4. Monetize your blog with affiliate links related to your blogs niche, adsense ads, and build an email list a.s.a.p if you have not done so already. I recommend Aweber they are my first choice in autoresponders. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Diversifying your income streams is the key to long term online success.

For You Dummies, And Beginners Who Are New To Affiliate Marketing. A Few Recommended Affiliate Programs For You To Sign Up With.

A. Clickbank

B. Pepperjam Network

C. Linkshare

D. Rapbank

E. Amazon

F. Commission Junction

5. Again as a quick refresher for you beginners. Pick keyword phrases that are highly searched with low competition. Get on that first page of Google, be found, and watch your blogs traffic go up and up. Remember targeted search engine traffic is the best kind of traffic that your blog can possibly get. These people are actively searching for what your blog has to offer.

( Beginners ) Why Blogger Is Not Your Smartest Bet If You Plan On Making Money Blogging For The Long Haul?

First off if you plan on being cheap and going the free route let me warn you be prepared!

Google owns your blog and they can unleash their wrath at any given moment. Are you prepared to leave al your hours of hard work blogging in someone elses hands? And god forbid you are making some money blogging. I have had two blogs deleted in the past so I speak from experience. If you violate blogger terms of service in any way. Which change on a whim by the way. Then guess what? They can delete your blog just like that bye bye! See ya later! Who cares how much work you have put into your blog. That was the risk you took when you put al your time and effort into something that you do not control in the first place!

My point do not build your online business on quicksand. You may be a beginner but your no dummy right? Invest in yourself, and invest in your future. Start a self hosted WordPress blog and do things right from the start. This way you can sleep easier at night knowing that this can’t happen. You control your blogs content, and you control your blogs future. That is how blogging is supposed to be done by being smart, and using your head. Promote what you want, when you want. Now that is freedom! Feel free to add your affiliate products, links, or banners. Google adsense ads, Kontera links. Feel free to start that mailing list so you can build a real legitimate online business from al you blogging efforts.

Why not you earned it. You have officially graduated from a beginner dummy blogger to a smart blogger. The choice is inevitably yours are you gonna be in the internet marketing field for the long term? Or are you willing to roll the dice with your blog by leaving al your blogs juicy content in a third parties hands? The choice is all yours I layed out al the facts. Now it is up to you to make a wise one.

To Your Blogging Success, Jay!

Cheap Low Cost Traffic Sources

If you want to earn money online as an affiliate marketer then your gonna need some cheap low cost traffic sources. Because like it or not traffic equals money in the increasingly competitive online World.

I am sure you can respectively agree without low cost targeted traffic your blog, or website is essentially dead in the water. No need for the lifeboats your online business is gonna sink, and no-one can save you but yourself.

So what do you do know? You do not have tens of thousands of dollars like the big corporate World to toss at costly pay per click methods, or other costly advertising sources. Your gonna have to pull down the hatches and get to work driving free targeted traffic to your website, or blog. The good news is I am gonna show you a few good traffic generating techniques to get the ball rol ing in your favor.

My Techniques For Cheap Low Cost Traffic

Cheap Low Cost Traffic Source Number 1 – If you have not already started an email list than get one up and running A.S.A.P. Internet marketers are not kidding when they say the money is in the list if you have not already heard this popular saying.

Cheap Low Cost Traffic Source Number 2 – Adswaps or joint venture partners. Once you have an email list built up to about 500 subscribers I would seriously look into adding joint venture partners to your arsenal. I recommend adswaps to build up your email list a lot faster.

An adswap is a technique where you send out a free offer for another Internet marketer to your email list. In exchange for that marketer sending out a free offer of yours to their email list. Your subscribers will go up a lot faster, your unique visitors will go up, and you will increase your online earnings a lot faster.

(Tip) Make sure you have a proper thank you page for an affiliate offer in place to monetize your adswaps to the fullest extent. You do not want to leave any money on the table.

Once you have a decent sized email list built up you can email your subscribers whenever you update your blog posts for an instant flood of cheap traffic.

Cheap Low Cost Traffic Source Number 3: Repeat visitors – Make sure you have a well thought out and put together blog, or website. Make your content first class. This will keep your visitors coming back to read your quality content. Repeat visitors can very easily turn into repeat buyers. Keep that in mind and provide quality over quantity for your visitors. This will increase your traffic on autopilot.

( I always think of the movie Field Of Dreams and the saying If You Build It They Will Come ) But just don’t build it build it right. You want the readers who are gonna turn into all star buyers – not just the freebie seekers. Kevin Costner built it right and he had dead hal of fame baseball players show up. Lol now thats what I cal building something right! Think of your online business in the same manner.

Cheap Low Cost Traffic Source Number 4 – Optimize Your Content Free SEO – The best kind of search engine traffic is free search engine traffic that won’t cost you a dime! SEO is low cost hell it’s so low cost it’s free. You cannot get any better than that right? Do your keyword research and go after low competition keywords if possible in your niche. Build quality backlinks to your website, and sprinkly your keywords throughout your text. This is basic SEO

in a nutshel .

( Of course there is a lot more to SEO but you get the basic idea to get started ) Proper SEO

can bring you free targeted traffic to your sites forever. Optimize wisely SEO is a great low cost traffic generating method.

Here Are Some Cheap Low Cost Traffic Methods That Are Paid But Will Not Break The Bank

U.S.freeads – Premium memberhip $10 dol ars a month (You get unlimited classifieds post as many as you want with affiliate links which is a big bonus) A featured ad will cost you about $12 bucks for a 2 month listing. U.S.freeads is a good investment for the low cost.

Backpage – Post various ads in multiple cities in the U.S or throughout the World its your choice. Backpage is an extremely low cost traffic method that can be extremely profitable with the right offer. Cost varies by city but they al are pretty cheap for the most part a few bucks.

Entrecard – This is a low cost free platform for bloggers that al ows you to create and place a 125 by 125 banner on other bloggers blogs. It can range from a couple of pennies a day up to a dollar for a days advertising depending on the popularity and traffic levels of that particular blog.

Warrior Forum WSO – Very lucrative when done correctly. Cost $40 per WSO. It used to be $20 dol ars but they recently raised the price to get rid of the spammers. Its twice the price $40 dol ars but your WSO stays up twice as long so keep that in mind. If you have an offer related to affiliate marketing or Internet marketing this will be the place to advertise a WSO.

(Tip) I noticed the best time to post a paid WSO is between 10 and 4 pm Central standard time. The past few days there has been 2000 people at any given times viewing and buying the various WSO’S posted in the Waarriorforum.

If you do not have the money for a paid WSO then make a signature link in the Warriorforum control panel after you sign up for a free account. Then your gonna want to contribute to the forum either by answering questions, or asking questions. Either way its a great free traffic source to learn about Internet marketing, and making money online. Use the Warriorforum to your advantage. I spend a lot of time in this forum it’s great!

For Those Of You Who Have Not Heard Of This Online Forum: The Warriorforum is the most popular Internet marketing forum in the World and their traffic is through the roof.

Thousands and thousands of people are in this forum at any given moment.

To Your Online Success Affiliates And Your Traffic Levels Shooting Through The Roof, Jay!

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My Newest Internet Marketing Strategies For 2011

What I Am Doing?

With Googles new algorithm changes article marketing has basically died in my book. The only article directory I am gonna submit too in the near future is Ehow is a how to article directory that I have used in the past sparingly. The reason I like Ehow is the articles you submit are not too time consuming. You write a how to tutorial on a subject and you explain how to do it in at least 4 steps minimum. If you want to make your article longer you can, but that is up to you. They are quick, rank very highly in the search engines, and they will also split the revenue you make from your articles from Google adsense. You can also add affiliate links, links to your website, etc….

Ehow is the only article directory that is slightly worth my time nowadays, in terms of value for your time. I still prefer posting all my unique content to my blog and waiting for it to get indexed before I share my content elsewhere. I always share my blog posts Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Google bookmarks, Yahoo bookmarks, and I also Stumble every blog post. I will then share it on my Warriorforum blog, as well as a few other internet marketing –

make money online related forums. My content is also picked up automatical y by various other blogging sites ( bloggers base for example ) by my rss feed which gives me a slight boost in traffic as well.

Here are all my newest traffic strategies for 2011 – Well not new internet marketing strategies – but these all work great for me.

1. Article marketing in my book is dead. I will only submit to in the future and I will use them sparingly. Most of my internet – affiliate marketing startegies for 2011 will be providing my readers with great unique content. You never know what is gonna happen with your content with an article directory nowadays they could delete it etc… I like to have the ball in my court and always post it on my blog first before posting it anywhere else.

2. Internet Marketing Forums - I am a regular in the Warriorforum stop in and say hi. I am entrepreneurjay in the Warriorforum. The Warriorforum is a great site with tons of traffic where you can learn all about internet marketing – affiliate marketing – and how to make money online? There is a lot of bright minds in the Warriorforum. I also like to visit my other favorite internet marketing forum this forum is run by internet marketer Paul Lynch and it gets a lot of good traffic. Signing up for both these internet marketing forums would be a great internet marketing strategy for you in 2011 and beyond.

3. Blog Commenting - I comment on various blogs related to my niche which is make money online, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, blog traffic tips, etc…. A good tip for you would be to sign up for Google alerts and let the blogs come to you. Google will send you an email when a blog post is made for the keywords related to your blog, or websites niche. All you do is go to these blogs and make a good, relevant comment and include a link to your website, or blog. High traffic blogs will bring you the best results. You also get a nice backlink to boot by blog commenting. This continues to be one of my favorite internet marketing strategies that worked in the past, will work now, and will work in the future.

4. Submitting Tutorial Videos - Video marketing sites such as Youtube. I will submit how to video tutorial related to internet marketing, affiliate marketing, how to make money online for beginners? My favorite traffic strategies etc.. etc… These are all helpful videos that have value for the person watching them. Video marketing is my new article marketing. Video marketing is getting even bigger if that is even possible. And videos can go viral the same way articles can. (Fun Youtube Fact ) Youtube gets more traffic than Yahoo, and Bing combined. Millions of people are looking for videos daily. Want to make more money online?

Get you videos in front of these mil ions of viewers for some nice, free, targeted traffic.I am getting more involved with video marketing these days due to its huge potential for the reasons I stated above.

5. Press Releases - The only press release site I use in my internet marketing strategy is they are free, rank very highly in the search engines, and I have seen some pretty good success using this website. The other press release sites out there I cannot vouch for because I am not real big into press releases but seems to work well for me.

6. Search Engine Optimization - This is becoming even more important in my book for 2011.

When Google changed their algorithm recently a lot of spam sites fell from the top of the search engine rankings. This was great for me because I bust my ass on this blog and only provide unique, quality content. Google rewarded my blog by giving me an increase in traffic from the search engines. I am optimizing my content for the search engines continuously, adding more good backlinks to my blog, and adding even more good content for you my readers. My readers are internet marketers, affiliate marketers, and those of you looking to start your own internet business looking for some good free information.If your just starting your own blog only add your own unique content – Do not copy and paste someone else’s content. Google will hammer you for that in the search engine rankings. Seo will continue to be a vital part of this blogs success in 2011 and beyond. Seo is targeted traffic from the search engines. It is one of the best ways to earn a lot of money online when done right!

7. J.V Partnerships – I am always building up my email list because the money is in the list.

Ask any internet marketer who has been around the block a time or two. I use a site cal ed safeswaps where I team up with other affiliate marketers, and internet marketers, we both send a message out to our lists for each other a freebie our subscribers might enjoy. My adswap partner gets free email opt-ins to his list and I get free email opt-ins for my list. It is a win, win, situation for both parties involved. You can make a lot of money buying solo ads, and doing adswaps with other internet marketers. This has been and will continue to be one of my top internet marketing strategies for 2011 and well beyond. I also build my list through seo, and existing traffic to my blog.

8. Paid ads - I will periodically buy paid classified ads on the Warriorforum,, or pay $40 to post a warrior special offer. I will also buy text link ads on a few blogs with high traffic levels directing them back to my blog. Sometimes you have to spend a little money to make money. Internet marketing is an online business if you treat your internet marketing, or affiliate marketing ventures like a hobby you will make hobby money. ( not much lol ) If you treat your internet business like a business, you can make big money one day. Just be persistent, be willing to work, and learn al you can when you can! Remember the story of the race between the rabbit and the turtle? The slow persistent turtle won that race. Keep that mindset with your online business ventures and you will succeed and make a lot of money eventual y.

9. Classified Ads- I only submit to the top classified directories online such as Craigslist, Kijiji, Usfreeads, Backpage, as well as a few others. They work just good enough for me to keep submitting my classifieds to these sites. Not my best internet marketing strategy but they still do produce decent results.

10. Giving away my free ebooks - Ebooks can go viral in the same way as articles, and submitting videos. If your ebook offers some value to the person that is reading it. He, or she will tel a friend, give it away on their email list with a link back to your site, which will build your email subscriber list etc… etc…. I also submit my ebooks to sites such as a free site where you can submit your free ebooks to give away to people. This is a great way for your ebooks to get a lot of eyeballs on them and bring your blog, or website a lot of free traffic, and earn you a lot of money. Submitting my E-Books is a great internet marketing strategy that worked in the past, present, and will continue to generate me traffic well into the future.

11. Social Networking – Twitter, Myspace, Tagged, Hi5, Orkut, Myyearbook, my Facebook fanpage. I am getting more and more into my Facebook fanpage these days because of the sheer amount of people on Facebook. Social networking works great I use social networking pretty much daily in one way or the other.

There you have it. These are my top 11 traffic strategies for 2011 that I use on a daily basis.

What are your top traffic strategies for 2011? Your comments are welcome below!

To Your Online Success Entrepreneurs, Jay!

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