Beginners Guide to Free Article Marketing HTML version

Beginners Guide To Article Marketing
Article publishing is widely known as one the best internet marketing procedures to
achieve free search engine rankings within top search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo and
MSN. Any experienced online marketer knows using this technique will provide a free
way to attract large sums of traffic to their website or affiliate programs, also this is
a great way of achieving one way links which will increase their page rank on their
web sites. So how do you write an article?
In article publishing you will write an article on a related topic of your web site,
submit this article to various article directories, and wait for the search engines to
pick up this article and credit you as an expert in this particular field. Article
directories allow you to leave a link in the author’s bio, this will be where you place
your link to your web site or affiliate program. As other related web sites place your
article on their web site you will gain more exposure.
Why should we submit our hard worked articles to article directories?
Article directory web sites on the internet provide a free content service for their
many website visitors. Webmasters often browse these directories if they are looking
for fresh content, but are unable or don’t have the time to create their own content.
This is where our articles come into play, webmasters will place this free content
onto their website, blog or ezine, understanding they are not allowed to edit the
content in any way. This obviously will increase our search engine ranking, as the
search engine crawls their site and picks up our website link.
Where Do We Submit Our Articles?
There are thousands of article directories on the web to submit too, Submitting to
the top article directories below will be surely enough, to get your article in the top
search engine listings