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So, you've decided that you want to learn woodworking. You go into the store, and find mass-produced pieces of furniture, and you want to make your own, something original. That’s one of the joys of woodworking as a hobby. You can take a few pieces of lumber and other materials, some tools and your imagination, and with your own two hands create a piece of woodcraft that you can be proud of. Quite often, you can even create something for much less than it would cost to buy one at the store.

This hobby of woodworking is growing in popularity, especially among women. More and more, women are picking up saws, drills, and other tools to create unique furniture and accessories for their homes. So, woodworking isn't just for men anymore.

Woodworking isn't limited to making furniture. You can create toys, figurines, and other items out of wood.

Where do you begin in woodworking? Well, there are several ways to get started in this hobby. You could take a class at a community college, or read up on it in books and magazines. Some people simply jump into it and get started. How you begin should depend on how experienced you are with woodworking tools.

This purpose of this book is to guide you in getting started, learning some woodworking terminology, choosing tools and wood, and to set up a workspace. This is not a
comprehensive guide, simply a beginner's guide in getting started.
We'll also give you a couple of projects to get you started, and help you in planning your own woodworking projects.

So, come on in, and learn how to get started with woodworking.