Beginner's Guide to Camping HTML version

So your thinking of trying out camping, yes you could head off into the
great unknown, but without a few basic trial camping trips that would
be utter madness and dangerous.
Where ever you are in the world, chances are there will be camping sites
somewhere near you, excluding the obvious of course. There are many
camping sites advertised on the Internet and in local directories.
The traditional format after choosing where to go, is to pull up - pay a
fee and you are allocated a camping area. Just a note, if they are very
busy you may not have too much choice in where you are allocated.
It is always wise to check the site’s availability well in advance in case
you are required to pre book, especially in the peak holiday season.
The basic necessities such as toilet, shower, fresh water will usually be
nearby. More often than not there will be heaps of other facilities
available, but this will vary greatly. I've even heard of a site that has it’s
own cinema! What facilities they have is particularly important for