Beginner's Guide To CPA Marketing HTML version

CPA Networks for Beginners
One of the hottest and most popular means to churn out money online is
through a CPA Network. CPA (Cost Per Action) entails a visitor to drop in on
a particular site and submit a form with a few personal information like a zip
code and an e-mail address. Every created lead will be paid by the network
as commission.
CPA networks acts as a "dating agency." It brings web publishers and
advertisers together. The network would act as a middle-man and inspects
both sides, in addition to ensuring that the publishers get paid for their hard
Basically, this is how it will go:
The promoter presents a deal and advertising materials
The promoter pays the network a fee to make the deal and advertising
materials accessible to CPA affiliates.
The CPA affiliates promote these products through their websites, steer
traffic to these sites and create sales leads.
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