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This FREE e-book provides a novice writer with all the elements for a perfect start. It includes focus on the following topics: How to create powerful characters, selecting a gripping plot, writing dialogues, getting a grip on your setting, finding your way to brilliant narration, point of view, the use and misuse of clichés; and developing your style, characters, and plot! Download this FREE e-Book today!

Naima Bilal

The book is written in a friendly easy to follow manner. Practial examples that I picked in my upcoming novel. I dont agree to Pj Maclean's comment rather I ve found the book useful. When you give negative remarks, you shuld be more specific about what you think bothered you in the book or what was lacking, instead of saying badly written.


helped alot, thx for this wonderful ebook!

Frederick Williams

Very good for any writer of fiction...

PJ MacLean

Badly written and advice you can live without, like a 5 page list of cliches to avoid!


I enjoyed reading through this ebook. It helped to give me direction in my writing. For anyone serious about writing a novel or short story, this ebook should help them to develop characters, plot, and set the stage for the story.

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