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Before Upping The Shutters
In writing this book, I have been helped by several people and wish to thank
them all.
In particular, I wish to thank Shri Sanjay M. Joshi, C. A., of Sanjay Joshi and Co.
Chartered Accountants, Dr. Vijaya Kiran Chaoji, Mrs. Nandini S. Kathale Dholkia,
Shri Pranav Sumbha and Shri Vishwas Dixit of Surya Furnitech Pvt. Ltd.
( for reading the drafts of the books and suggesting valuable
I also wish to thank Shri Pranav Kathale of Know E Guide ( for
his untiring technical support and making available his knowledge and
experience in setting up my website ( and creating this book.
Most of all, I wish to thank all those others who, when I told them that I was
writing a book, did not show any surprise nor asked ―Why?‖ That was a great
encouragement to me.
Thanks, all of you!
Ravindra Kathale.
Ravindra Kathale. Web E-mail:
Address:- “Sauhard”, Near Silver Jubilee Hall, Dharampeth, Nagpur, 440010, India
Phone:- +919833414699.
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