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Beasts Within
A collection of short stories by Clive Gilson
© Clive Gilson 2014
Published by Dancing Pig Media
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The Beast Within
Throughout the dark days of illness when he watched her life being sliced
away in thin, almost transparent curls of prosciutto ham in the morbidly sweet
smelling delicatessen that served only the finest of cancerous dishes, Richard had
never once doubted that he would cope. He thought of the slow unravelling of all that
they had assumed and planned for in terms of food because she was, she had been,
such a visionary in the kitchen, and ham in particular because of some long-ago
account that he had read of island tribesman calling cannibalised victims of ritualistic
ante-deluvian warfare Long-Pigs.
Richard cooked dishes for one now using a simple book of recipes probably
designed for students. Her own library, a cornucopia of Rhodes, Oliver, Burton-Race,
Fearnley-Whittingstall, Stein and David, sat on the bookshelves in his flat untouched,