Be Hacker - Volume 1 (Starter) HTML version

Consider when you are downloading free software or anything from internet
or put a pendrive on your laptop, however , suddenly your system shutting down or
not responding. Now you can think what is the problem? My laptop has 16 GB RAM,
i7 Processor and I have done all my defragmentation and cleaned cookies. This is
called malfunction of the system.
You have to believe most of the laptop are giving way to hackers. Because of
people think they have enough security. People are thinking that nothing information
from laptop. But that nothing would be the important to hackers.
Do you believe? Some of the Trojans are may corrupt your disk and there is
no way to repair. The source of that Trojans is surely a web. Something on the web
force you to download a fake antivirus software. Finally, they can control your full
system function. So that laptop may restarting, Not responding, Network failure,
Continuous ads on web, porn websites continuously top of the page or hardware
Do you believe? Worms can spread, even if you not click it. Email
attachments are the prime place to spread. Before you download some attachments,
must check that mail from trusted web source, Otherwise, don’t download. If you
want to download, after check that file on
Computer security is important for protecting the confidentiality and
availability of computer systems and their resources. Computer administration and
management have become more complex which produces more attack avenues.
Network environments and network‐based applications provide more attack paths.
Evolution of technology has focused on the ease of use while the skill level
needed for exploits has decreased.
What you may loss because of the attacks?
 Financial Loss
 Data Loss
 Misuse of your system and Loss of Trust