Basics of Concrete Science HTML version

1. Concrete. Raw materials
1.1. Concrete. General
1.2. Binders. Classification. Nature of binding properties
1.3. Portland cement and its types
1.4. Hydraulic non Portland cement binders
1.5. Concrete aggregates
1.6. Admixtures
1.7. Mixing water
2. Concrete mixtures
2.1. Structure and rheological properties
2.2. Technological properties of concrete mixtures
2.3. Consolidating (compaction) concrete
3. Concrete hardening and structure-forming
3.1. Hardening and structure of cement stone
3.2. Influence of aggregates on forming of concrete structure
3.3. Influence of admixtures on concrete structure forming
3.4. Optimization of concrete structure
4. Concrete strength
4.1. Theories of strength and mechanism of destruction
4.2. Law (rule) of water-cement ratio
4.3. Adhesion between aggregates and cement stone
4.4. Influence of terms and duration
of hardening concrete
4.5. Kinds of strength. Tests for concrete strength
5. Deformations of concrete
5.1. Concrete deformations at short-term load
5.2. Concrete deformation at long-term load. Creep
5.3. Own deformations. Concrete shrinkage
6. Concrete resistance to temperature-humidity influence.
Corrosion resistance
6.2. Concrete resistance to temperature influences
6.3. Permeability
6.4. Corrosion resistance
7. Design of normal concrete mixture
7.1. General and tasks
7.2. Selection of raw materials and admixtures
7.3. Calculations of basic parameters of concrete mixture
7.4. Correction of design concrete compositions
8. Types of concrete
8.1. Fine-grained concrete
8.2. High-strength concrete
8.3. Polymer-impregnated and polymer-cement concrete
8.4. Fiber reinforced concrete
8.5. Special concrete
9. Light-weight concrete
9.1. Concrete on non-organic porous aggregates
9.2. Design of lightweight concrete with porous aggregates
9.3. Concrete on the basis of organic
(wood) aggregates
9.4. No-fines and aerated concrete
9.5. Cellular concrete
10. Concrete on the basis of non-clinker binders.
Mortars and dry pack mixes
10.1. Silicate concrete
10.2. Slag and fly-ash concrete
10.3. Slag-alkaline concrete
10.4. Gypsum concrete
10.5. Mortars
10.6. Dry pack mixes