Basics of Concrete Science HTML version

L.Dvorkin and O.Dvorkin
“Basics of Concrete Science”
2006. – 692 pages
Doct. Prof. Komohov P.
Doct. Prof. Krivenko P.
Doct. Prof. Ysherov-Marshak A.
Л.И.Дворкин, О.Л.Дворкин “Основы
бетоноведения”, Санкт-Петербург,
Россия, изд.Строй-Бетон, 2006, 692 с.
ISBN 590319702-7
There are enlightened basic aspects of scientific concrete science. There is given summary of
modern ideas about hardening and structure-forming of cement stone and concrete, rheological
and technological properties of concrete mixes, strength, strain and other properties, which
determine concrete operate reliability and durability. There are considered basic types of normal
weight cement concrete, lightweight and cellular concrete, non-cement mineral binders concrete,
The book is addressed to students and post-graduate students of construction specialties of higher
educational establishments, scientists and technologists.
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