Barefoot on Thin Ice HTML version

The evolutio n of western civilizatio n
with apologies to Miss Gomez
[ Note to the reader. Miss Gomez asked her World Civilization class to
write a brief essay summarizing the evolution of western civilization.
Here is my humble contribution. ]
Once upon a time,
We were all amoebae.
Then we invented God
And became gorillas.
The gorillas were so confused
That they invented administrators.
The administrators did the usual thing
And locked the gorillas in cages.
After some time,
The gorillas sprouted brains
And invented the key.
After muc h more time,
They figured out how to use it.
This was a prompt for ad ministrative action.
Naturally, they shot the gorillas.
This left the ad ministrators free to procreate.
They invented the bastard.
That's why our necks swivel.