Barefoot on Thin Ice HTML version

Fake dogs and pampered lawns
The effite of the city
Doctors and lawyers
Contractors and the women
Who earned their money
The hard way.
Child ren at random
And old trees.
Something had to give.
There is a solace to
The graveyard of the divorced.
700 units
699 fake blondes
With the children they can't afford.
Fake grass
Prim and proper
But no pets, please...
No busline
Dying cars
Just prayer.
Pristinely edged
And edges fading.
Silent grills on the decks
Silent children in the houses.
Mothers crying alone in their rooms
Wiggling for the ring of the phone
They are afraid to answer.
She dreams of her prince
Lord of the U-Haul.
Light makeup
High school clothes
$14 chaise on the deck
The sexy shiver
Plays to the choir.
Night falls
And she washes the dishes
Hauls the trash to the dumpster
In a last thrash of glamour.
Takes off her face
For the real face.