Barefoot on Thin Ice HTML version

Rebeca's song
It was a crazy Friday
For a Monday.
The ducks were waddling
With a curious grasp.
This was the week
Of the duck.
Pure idiocy in the rain.
I skipped a meeting
And drank for lunch.
It wasn't Monday any more.
To hell with the tie
And the pantyhose
And the pavement.
We were free.
Free to pander
And giggle
And spraypaint the boss
And knock over the furniture
With its dreams
On the other side.
The shoes came off
For the lake.
The ice had melted
But so had we.
Time for
The release.
Time to grow.
The sun fell
Out of the sky
And we didn't notice.
We just saw that first star.
Softly painted
And elsewhere.
No snow
Just wet brown grass
And a promise.