Barefoot on Thin Ice HTML version

The blankey
Once upon a dream, in a far away land, lived a handsome, mighty prince.
Well, he wasn't exactly handsome, but he looked OK if you squinted a
little. And he wasn't mighty, but he could if he wanted to be. And his
name was Booger. That's PRINCE Booger to you! Sorta.
People wondered about Booger sometimes, but there was one very very
special thing about him: he had a blankey.
The blankey was old and ratty and tattered and torn, but it was warm and
full of love. He was afraid to face its last trip to the dryer, because it was
his heart and his soul and the very essence of his life.
Across the kingdom lived a lovely young maiden.
Well, she wasn't exactly lovely, but she looked OK if you squinted a little.
And she was no maiden, but that is another story. But she had a heart of
gold and the soul of a blankey, and her name was Felicia.
One day, Booger and his blankey took a stroll down the internet for want
of anything better to do. He mooed with the cows, climbed a tree, got a
light from a dragon, and bumped into things. But something inside told
him to keep walking. Miles away from anywhere, there was no turning
back, and it was very cold. His blankey was cold and tired and a little bit
nervous, so he cuddled it and rocked it to sleep.
When they awoke, Booger realized that he had used a cowpie for a pillow.
He was lost, too. He scratched his head, picked up his blankey, and
headed off down the road. Blankey didn't smell too good, but it was full
of love.
After about three days of this, Booger was a little shaggy and he needed
to go potty. He had even forgotten to eat, but he needed an outhouse
more than anything else. In time, he came to a house by the side of the
road, with an outhouse in the back.
You should always ask before you stink up an outhouse, but he had to
go, and it made him very happy. He wrapped himself in blankey to keep
it warm, and took his sweet time. The place wasn't fit for a king, but he
was only a prince.
Then came a soft knock on the door, so gentle that it could have only