Banish with Laughcraft HTML version

Banish with Laughcraft
First story to win me an award for contributing
Revised Version for my “My Cult of Thoolhoo”
Author: Andrè M. Pietroschek © All rights reserved
At first, some hints to readers who never read H.P. Lovecraft's „Shadows over
Innsmouth“, August Derleths „The Star Gate“ and are unaware of Cthulhu style Role-
playing Games. Lovecraft "used" his sickness to inspire the myth of evil, chthonic
deities, who interacted with planet earth since it came into existence. Small groups
or single individuals stumbled across the myth, went insane, suffered a horrible
death or came to the shocking realization that they were part of the myth and set
apart from all humanity. Main idea is that the myth cannot be understood or
countered by neither science, religion nor occultism. Every insight concerning the
truth is another step into madness. Please excuse my short cut version, sample is
free, but without money no full version will be published. Readers shall be aware that
in reality there is no evidence that I write truth about real persons in my fantasy texts.
Cthulhu as role-play usually includes the following experiences: The chance to
emulate a classic, one could nearly say archetypal, character of your choice. See
how it develops in a (for now) loyal team. Yes, emulate, not mimic or transmute into.
Role-play style happens with imagination and not like theater. That is LARP. Next,
the chance to game in the era of prohibition and gangsters colliding with the
unspeakable and cruel reality of myth. The summary of shock, madness and
inescapable Destruction via a cosmic and tentacled nemesis and its minions.
Producing a radio audio and computer game remains among my goals. Since I made
a sneak preview for my “Grunt the Vegetarian” at I proved that
it works. Surprising how my small files would already fill a full game. Please be
assured I write by my own style, I never tried to imitate Lovecraft and am aware that I
lack his talent for making the reader realize what is about to happen without ever
really typing it straight onto paper. I will try to learn this though for it makes for a
really intense addition of reading pleasure. If you don’t know my other files, be
reminded that I tested difficult approaches to writing to test my petty skills. This was
my first finished short story intended for publication. Be lucky you didn’t have to read
my early files, as those I did handwrite for a german role-play game when I was
twelve. Back then I was perfectly free of any talent at all. Just a mindless urge and
good intentions. I don’t make my income by being an author, so I keep to looking for
better solutions, of course. I plan anyway, to indulge into making a computer game
and one of those solo-adventures for cellular phones. Playing as such is low priority
to me; it becomes interesting only when it furthers my own approaches. I met several
creative minds and I learned from them as best as I could under the circumstances I
have to call remnants of my life.
If you don’t have any of the backgrounds I mentioned above, it might help you, to
scroll down to the add on info and read it before you read the story. In the German
version I name here a link to a short quickstep rulebook and adventure of Cthulhu
role-play. I don’t know one as good in English and sadly, translating it would violate
copyright and my oath of not without earning money…
This is a FICTIONAL e-text, inspirational file for a PC game& radio audio tale.
I admit my translation reduced the quality, am just a prosaic German.