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When Kevin stays up all night to finish a history paper, he finds a lonely world the next morning. The whole world is still asleep and no one can wake up! As Kevin thinks the world is over, he meets a talking dog and cat. The pets have formed an alliance and are seeking a way to save their masters from the strange phenomenon. But when Kevin helps them in their search, they are warned of a great danger: the forest animals want to keep the humans asleep for good. To solve this mystery, Kevin must stay awake as long as he can before he too will fall asleep and never awaken. Age Group: Young Adult


Enjoyed the book. Even though I thought it was written with a younger reader in mind it was definitely worth my attention. I have no reservations letting my middle school reader crack this book open.

Veronika Reck

nicely written and engaging. Great imagination!


This book was inventive and fun! The only thing I did not like was the transition from the climax to end, but it is a good book for all ages.

Debora Mara

Different to what you would expect.....

Rosamarie Oliveras

I liked it but.... Why does it end in “Are you sure this is it?” asked Kat ? I was like "What do i do now?!

Colleen Plemmons

The story idea was interesting but the writing lacked cohesion. And the ending was like it was just tossed in to finish the story.

Millicent Mccallion

Really enjoyed this book now reading 2nd book. :-))

Betaria Yogie

Two thumbs up for this book! d^^b


this book should be made in to a film

ChAcy Aleakim Camiloza

I finished reading this book in 18 hours. I liked it in the beginning. BUt then it got so weird. The dog and cat was OK but the Kungfu mouse is absurd.Some parts also sound childish. I liked though the concept of the not-waking-up thing (kept me up the whole time).But what I loved best about this is the whole time I was reading, I can imagine Katie,Andrew and Kevin as Hermione, Ron and Harry :)

Jeff Hendrix

Really far out there fantasy!

Ismee Budd

amazing!!wish its made into movie...

Dorian Westbrook

This book was so good I couldn't put it down. I read it through the night.

Gale Titus

Even though not stated as such I feel this would be more for young adults. But I was interested being a lover science fiction and fantasy, to give it a go. I have a weakness for fantasy involving animals, as part of the story or the main characters and the ultimate is talking animals, so that's what intrigued me.I enjoyed the story as it moved along at a good pace without getting bogged down with too much characterizations or boring filler. After awhile though I realized that there wasn't quite ENOUGH characterizations OR enough substance to the story to call it truly great. In addition, the only point I thought was a real stretch, was regarding the Internet part of the story. I mean talking animals are one thing, an idea that has been a part of stories for eons, so it wasn't that bizarre, but the whole premise of the internet suddenly evolving into an actual personality was a little bit much. Also sometimes the balance the book started off with, of the normal world meeting the fantasy world seemed to weigh heavily on just the fantasy aspect.I mean (spoilers follow) it's revealed that Kain is the last dragon, and Nemu is Mother Nature. The white hawks are working for Nemu, and most all other wild animals are considered to be the bad guys. I didn't like the latter, because most people who are animal lovers, have a great respect and love of wild animals. However that was somewhat redeemed at least regarding the zoo animals help. The things that delighted me regarding the story were number one, I LOVED the secret, regarding the appearances of Genesis, Luna, and Terminus. I thought that was really interesting and creative on the part of the author. I loved the Zoo animals especially led by a Lion who joined the teens. And finally, among the characters I loved the most were Helios, Genesis, Luna and Terminus. I particularly loved the ending, and a sequel would be great (I would definitely read) just because of the beloved characters mentioned.So other then the few negative points I mentioned, most of the book was entertaining and enjoyable.

Emiliya Veitch

awesome book, It can be made into a great graphic novel also


Pass this one by. No resolution to any of the plot "twists" & elements introduced. Complete waste of time.

Stacey Wang

this book is amazing :)

Nikolai King

I thought the book was enjoyable... albeit there is room for improvement and I mean this in a professional way. I think that the book was a little fast-paced and what girl would want to break INTO school? That was meant more as a joke but overall it has a wonderfully colourful concept and I can't wait to read more books by you! :D Keep up the AMAZING work.

Chris moore

i love this book

struthi giridharan

not good not bad but is something to read at times. latter part is boring and off the whole gives a complete no regard to the former half

Gloria Koch

I liked it up to about page 70 then it got too wierd.


this book is geared more for someone my grandson's age then myself, but it was a fun read. I agree a Ryankelley a sequel wound be great.


started out ok, then devolved into something else, I didn't finish it.

erik zak

Even if it isnt the most well written book the imagination and action keep your reading non stop til its over. THIS WOULD MAKE AN AMAZING SCREENPLAY


I liked the premise of the book. The characters and description were vivid and interesting. The storyline was confusing however. Please see the full review at:


Good story, very interesting kept me interested the whole time.


This wasn't the best written book I've read but the interesting plot will keep you glued.


The book is well written, the only thing that I would say is that the ending is very short.

Chris moore

love this book


nice book... i enjoyed it alot. a sequel would be fantastic though


Egan Yip

Please check out my blog for the sequel to Coranite Chronicles: the Judge.

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