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My biggest flaw is that I fall in love. I do. And when I do, I
lose my head over it. I do it completely, absolutely blindly to any
outcomes, irreversibly and hopelessly. I love too much, when I fall for
someone. It might be considered a quality actually, but when you
think about it, it‘s just got me into a lot of trouble, lots of times.
Besides, you‘re not supposed to be in love when you‘re an aspiring
top ski champion training to become a member of the mountain rescue
service. You‘re not supposed to think about her eyes and her smile
and an explanation to why she‘s making your head spin while you‘re
going down the slope in full speed. You‘re not supposed to see her
image reflected in the snow. It‘s a danger to focus on anything but the
direction ahead. The point is, I focus on anything about her, anything
but not the direction. I just go with the flow, daydreaming about the
impossible. Why impossible? Because I am aware she is less
interested in me than the stiff snow itself that covers the mountain. I
could hit a tree anytime for it and she couldn‘t care less. And what
makes it worse: she‘s been in the opposite team. I‘m really not
supposed to like her. There is no reason for me to think about her.
There is no chance whatsoever we‘ll ever be together. And yet, against
such implacable odds, I‘m in love with her so much now, that I can‘t
think of anything else and I don‘t know what to do with my life when
she‘s not around.