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the present-day automobile possible and are now contributing to its
greater future, the following pages present much that has never been
brought together in this form. It is both history and the material f or
It is believed that these sketches will be found peculiarly interesting
and permanently valuable. Individually they are clear presentations of
the achievements of some of the most distinguished engineers and
inventors of the last hundred years. Collectively they present a
complete story of the inception and gradual development of the
automobile from the first clumsy steam wagons of Cugnot, Trevithick,
Evans and others to the perfected carriage of to-day.
The chapter on The Origin and Development of the Automobile is a
careful study and review of the conditions that attended the attempts
to install the first common road steam carriages, the tentative
experimenting with bicycles,
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tricycles and other vehicles in the middle of the last century and the
renaissance of the last two decades. Several of the illustrations are
from old and rare prints, and others are from photographs.
It is not possible to set down here all the authorities that have been
consulted in the preparation of this work. Special acknowledgment,
however, must be made to The Engineering Magazine for permission
to use text and photographs, and to J. G. Pangborn for permission to
use a great deal of interesting information regarding the early steam
inventors contained in his work, The World’s Railway, and to
reproduce portrait sketches of Trevithick, Murdoch, and Read, from
the same valuable volume.
Lyman Horace Weeks.
New York, January, 1905.