Automobile Biographies HTML version

n a large sense the history of the rise of the automobile has been a
history of some of the foremost inventors, mechanical engineers,
manufacturers and active business men of more than a full century.
The subject of self-propelled vehicles on the common roads has
enlisted the faculties of many men whose minds have been
engrossed with the study and the solution of mechanical and
engineering problems, purely from an absorbing love of science; it
has had the financial support of those whose energies are constantly
and forcefully exerted in the industrial and commercial activities of the
age; it has received the merited consideration of those who regard as
of paramount importance any addition to the sum of successful
human endeavor and any influence that contributes to the further
advance of modern civilization.
Along these lines of thought this book of Automobile Biographies has
been prepared. On its pages are sketches of the lives and the work of
those who have been most active in planning, inventing and
perfecting the modern horseless highway vehicle, in adapting it to the
public needs for pleasure or business and in promoting its usefulness
and broadening the field of its utility.
Included herein are accounts of the pioneer inventors, the noted
investigators and the contemporaneous workers who have helped to
make the automobile in its many forms the most remarkable
mechanical success of
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to-day and the most valuable and epoch-making addition to the
conveniences of modern social, industrial and commercial life. These
sketches have been carefully prepared from the best sources of
information, works of reference, personal papers and so on, and are
believed to be thoroughly accurate and reliable. Much of the
information contained in them has been derived from exceedingly
rare old volumes and papers that are not generally accessible, and it