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editorship: while the impossibility of its any longer supporting a paid editor, afforded a
ground on which, without affront to him, we could propose to dispense with his services.
We and some of our friends were prepared to carry on the Review as unpaid writers,
either finding among ourselves an unpaid editor, or sharing the editorship among us. But
while this negotiation was proceeding with Bowring's apparent acquiescence, he was
carrying on another in a different quarter (with Colonel Perronet Thompson), of which
we received the first intimation in a letter from Bowring as editor, informing us merely
that an arrangement had been made, and proposing to us to write for the next number,
with promise of payment. We did not dispute Bowring's right to bring about, if he could,
an arrangement more favourable to himself than the one we had proposed; but we thought
the concealment which he had practised towards us, while seemingly entering into our
own project, an affront: and even had we not thought so, we were indisposed to expend
any more of our time and trouble in attempting to write up the Review under his
management. Accordingly my father excused himself from writing; though two or three
years later, on great pressure, he did write one more political article. As for me, I
positively refused. And thus ended my connexion with the original Westminster. The last
article which I wrote in it had cost me more labour than any previous; but it was a labour
of love, being a defence of the early French Revolutionists against the Tory
misrepresentations of Sir Walter Scott, in the introduction to his Life of Napoleon. The
number of books which I read for this purpose, making notes and extracts--even the
number I had to buy (for in those days there was no public or subscription library from
which books of reference could be taken home)--far exceeded the worth of the immediate
object; but I had at that time a half-formed intention of writing a History of the French
Revolution; and though I never executed it, my collections afterwards were very useful to
Carlyle for a similar purpose.