Autobiography of a Greek Street Dog HTML version

The earliest memory I have is of going to sleep as
usual with my brother or sister but waking up in a
completely different place. It was a shocking
experience since my new place was very small – just
enough room for us to lie down without being on top
of each other.
Since I could not yet see I could only rely on my
senses of smell and hearing to determine what was
happening around me. I remember a terrible noise of
what I now know to be cars, trucks and motorcycles
almost all the time I was awake.
A human would come, eventually, after we had
screamed long and hard enough, and shove a rubber
thing in my mouth. If I sucked really hard it would
produce a liquid that I somehow persuaded myself
was almost like my mother’s milk. Even though there
was no warm fur around it I instinctively knew I had
to drink from it to stay alive.
During my waking times I heard many human voices
and I learned to recognise the one who brought the
rubber thing. One day, when the rubber thing voice
came near, there was another voice with it. A gentle
voice. I had also become used to the ‘rubber thing’