Authority in the Family HTML version

most important concepts you could ever learn in your life. When you understand authority; and begin instead of
reacting, rebelling and fearing it, find your place in it; you will exercise great authority over demon powers. You will
see the power of God released around your life, in a way you've never known before; and you'll find the security
inside, and a confidence: God will help me through every situation. Who wants that kind of thing to happen in their
· Mk.4:23-24 If any man has ears to hear … more shall be given.
· T he Word of God is like a seed - it grows within and has power to change your life.
· You must receive and respond (yield) to the Word of God fo r it to benefit you.
· T here is much confusion and emotion about issues of authority, government, submission.
· God’s Word sets out clearly the principles of authority and how we are to respond to it.
· Rejection of truth is not always open - often it is a quiet resistance and holding your own thoughts.
· Clinging to your own thoughts that resist God’s truth make you unable to hear.
· You must overcome the tendency to reject what you don’t want to hear.
· When you accept, embrace and agree to act on God’s Word - the power of God is released.
· 1 Cor. 11:3 T he head of every man is Christ - the head of the woman is the man.
· Eph. 5:23 T he husband is the head of the wife - as Christ is the head of the church.
· Questions arise: What is headship? How is this applied? What about …?
a) T he Problem Of Extreme
· T here are two equal but opposite extremes or errors related to this verse:
i) Domination and oppression of women.
ii) Denying or opposing the truth of headship.
· Prayer understanding and applying this truth releases God’s power and blessing.
b) God is a God of Order
· Col. 1:16 - 18 …visible and invisible…
· God has constructed the universe to operate according to laws and principles.
· God upholds or sustains these laws with His power.
· T he natural world operates according to laws and principles e.g. gravity, sowing and reaping.
· T he Spirit world operates according to laws and principles.
· God has set authority structures in place in the natural world and in the spirit world.
· All spirit beings (angels and demons) are required to recognise these structures.
c) Authority originates from God
Ro. 13:1-2 Let every soul be subject to the higher powers, there is no power but of God, the powers that be are ordered by God.
· Power = exousia = legal or lawful right to act, delegated right to act.
· Higher = one positioned above another or at a higher level.
· T he source of authority is God himself.
· God has established four distinct authority structures in the earth. All exist by God’s design to fulfill a purpose He has planned.
i) Government (1Pet. 2:13-14) - this includes various levels of local authority.
ii) T he Church (Heb. 13:17) - T his includes leadership and various ministries.
iii) T he Family (1 Cor. 11:3) - this involves authority of both husband and wife.
iv) T he Individual (Ro. 14:12) - this includes various gifts and talents entrusted.
· Each o f these authority structures have clear God given responsibilities.
· T hey also have boundaries or limits beyond which they have no authority to act.
· Each o f these authority structures is recognised in the spirit realm and upheld by God.
· T he violation of one authority or the boundaries of another unleash es evil spiritual forces.
Note: T he word of God states our responsibilities in relating to authority:
i) “Every Soul” - God’s laws of authority apply to every individual.
ii) “Subject” - 5293 = Hupotasso = subordinate; arrange and position self underneath i.e. we are responsible to recognise and position ourselves into right
relationship and attitude.
iii) “Whoever resists” = 498 = Antitassomau = to arrange and position oneself against.
§ Whenever a person positions themselves to resist or oppose God’s ordered authority they are resisting what God has set in place and are resisting God
§ God requires that we position ourselves with right attitude to this authority whether it is directed or delegat ed.
§ Authorities themselves are accountable to God directly.
d) Headship is a Role Relationship
1Cor 11:3 “Christ is the head of the man, the man is the head of the woman”
§ T he Bible simply states the relationships that exist e.g. T he sky is blue.