Authority in the Family HTML version

Note: Exception – God does not join Himself to every person
- when person won’t respond to grace then law is needed.
- 1T im 1:9 Law is for lawless
- Ro 3:20 By law = knowledge of Son
- some situations require demand for chang e or consequen ces follow
Note: Michal
2 Sam 6:23 T herefore Michal the daughter of Saul was barren – desolate
3. Removing the roots that defile
· T rying to change spouse:
- is sign heart attitude not right
- creat es demands and pressures within relationships
- leaves you resent ful and focused on negatives
i) Prayer: Draw near to God for grace for personal chang e
Heb 4:16 “Come boldly … grace to help in time of need”
cf - Michal – husband “Phaltiel” = God is my deliverer
ii) Humble Self:
Ja 4:6 “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble”
Grace = power to live a godly life
· Must deal with own heart attitudes – hard?, uncaring?, judgemental?, fearful?
· Are there unresolved issues? – bitter judgements?, inner vows?
· Repentance o f own ungodly reactions and hidden walls.
· Renounce destructive reactions – silence!, bitter judgements.
iii) Accept spouse as they are:
· Face realities and let go unrealistic expectations
· Release blessing
iv) Commit self to unity: Activate law of bonding
· Do things together
· Communicate honestly – share personal feelings, struggles, without blame
The whole reason for divine order in the home is because of the reality of a highly structured spirit world, that
recognizes chain of command. No-one should engage spiritual warfare (Ephesians 6) without b eing properly
positioned (Ephesians 5). Modern society rages against divine principles, and has b ecome increasingly demonized,
as demons have access wherever God's laws are violated. To regain spiritual au thority and blessing, we must come
into agreement with God's order. We choose our positioning, the consequences follow.
Over the last few weeks I've been speaking about authority, God's order, and particularly we've been looking at this
whole issue of authority as it relates to the home. I'm aware, of course, that there are some who are single, and there
are some who are single parents, there are some who are divorced. There are people in a whole range of situations.
What we need to understand, is that over the last 30 years, there has been a tremendous push into the community of
teachings and philosophies that undermine confidence in the word of God.
Around about the '60s there came the emergence of the feminist movement, and they had a lot of cause to want to
stand up and speak. Much of their cause was justified, in that there had been tremendous abuse and misuse of
women. However, what they attempted to do, was to change an order that God has set in place. We have to
understand that while God treats everyone as being equal before Him - the Bible tells us in Galatians 3, it says we
are all one in Christ. It tells us that there is neither male nor female, Jew nor Greek. In other words, racial distinctions,
or gender distinctions, do not count in the eyes of God. When it comes to receiving Christ as your saviour, when it
comes to receiving God's favour and blessing, when it comes to receiving faith to operate in the gifts, we are all on
the same basis in that area. However, God makes it very clear that people have different roles.
We understand that people can be equal, but have a different role and function. The movement that's taken place, as
a result of humanist philosophies, through the Teachers College and our society, has been one to promote equality
and rights; whereas the Bible does not promote equality. It says that people are equal before God, but they have
different roles and responsibilities that must be recognised; so the Bible very much teaches concerning the roles we