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I've found, if I have separated in my heart from all desire for that thing, and it is invading me as an unwanted thing;
then if I will just see the thing for what it is, and lift the cross of Christ against it; so I'm looking through the cross at it,
believing for that cross of Christ; His obedience to break it's power. I find within a short time I literally - the power of
the thing is lost and it goes. Then I just redirect my thoughts somewhere else. But I have found sometimes just trying
to redirect your thoughts, the thoughts keep invading, so I have found it very helpful to consciously meditate on the
cross of Christ, His obedience on my behalf, and push it upon that trou bling picture, until I see the thing vanish and
go. I've found it to be very powerful, taking every thought captive, or prisoner of war, into the obedience of Christ; not
to my obedience but His obedience. It's very simple. I've found it works, and I'd encourage you to try it if you're
struggling. How many people struggle with these thoughts that invade them, they can't seem to get rid of them, they
seem to push against them? How many people have experienced that? See, many.
Well I encourage you, o ver this next week or so, to consciously do that. Instead of fighting the thought, just
superimpose a picture of the cross of Christ, believing for that to destroy that image. I literally picture it, disintegrating
and fading away, and then its power is broken. I've asked the Lord, over the years, to bring everything up to my mind
that has still got resident power; and as it comes up, I bring the cross of Christ, and declare its power broken, and
gradually watch it disappear. It's been very helpful - so that's just not my message today but, it'll be helpful because
the difficulty is we know what the scripture says, we don't know how to do it.
I want to share with you something else, 1 Corinthians, Chapter 11 and Verse 3. I want to move from where we're
going, about building oneness; and I want to take a different tack. Now over the next three or four weeks I want to talk
about "headship in the family"; and we're going to talk about God's order and government, and I want to open this
area up. As we do it I want you to be very open to let God teach you something. The Bible says: he that has ears to
hear, let him hear. Now when we listen to things, many times what happens is, we don't actually deny it; we just
quietly lift our thoughts up against it, compare it with what we think, and then quietly go on our own way, and our
thoughts remain unchallenged. The Bible calls that "hardening of heart". You can never grow, if you don't let the word
of God into you, to transform you. Another reason that we resist being changed, is because when we hear the word
of God, it requires something of us. We need to respond, and do something we didn't do before; and many times we
just quietly nod our head: oh I wish so and so was here, this was a good message for them; and we don't actually let
it get into our own heart.
Now I want to talk over the next few weeks just about Headship in the Family, and some of the areas we're going to
touch will rattle your cage a little, and I'm deliberately going to do that. Today's subject is Headship is Ma le. If you
don't like it, I won't change it one little bit. Headship is Male, and we're going to push on this area, because if we get
the men thinking right, then I think we can make some major changes. So we're going to focus our attention on the
men, but also bring it together. Now I can't in one session answer every question. Clearly there are specific situations,
such as: what happens when a couple separates; what happens if there's a single parent situation; what happens if a
couple divorce, what happens? We can't answer them all just at the moment, but what I want to do is, rather than look
at the exceptions, which seem many; and your particular situation; I want to lay out first of all the principles, because
if we build our life around the principles , then we will find our life will begin to start to be empowered by God.
If you want to try and build it into your life - the Bible says: unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain that
build. In other words, you've got a heap of work, then and it doesn't get anywhere. You're frustrated and disappointed
how little outcome you've got, but when the Lord builds our marriage - how does the Lord build your marriage or build
your relationships? Why this: He lays out principles, He lays out ways of oper ating; and when I understand those
ways, and come into agreement with them, His power's released, and things happen that I don't have to make
happen. How many are tired of making your spouse change? [Laughter] Not very many, okay. [Laughter] You're still
hardened in commitment to get them to change. You will never get them to change, I can tell you now, not by doing it
that way. No, there's another way that we can influence our spouse powerfully, and we need to understand the
principles of God in this area.
I want you to ha ve a look with me in 1 Corinthians 11, and if I don't answer all the questions you have, that's quite
acceptable. Over two or three Sundays we will actually get into quite a few areas and they will help you. Now if you're
a man; how many m en have we got here today? We'll get all the men to stand up. [Applause begins] Okay, now this
is it - no, don't clap them yet. I want you to say after me, right - is any man sitting down? Grab him by the scruff of the
neck and pull him to his feet. [Laughter] Okay, we've got the men. Okay men, I want you to say after me, come on:
headship is male. [Headship is male.] Headship is male. [Headship is male.] That means me! [That means me!]
Good, okay, sit down. You've just come into agreement with God. Come on , let's give them a clap. [Applause] Then
all the sisters pray for them hard, because we're going to get into them over the next two Sundays; get all the men
standing up inside, not just standing up on the outside.