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has the least resources, over there is the person who has the most resources, then you are somewhere in that line.
Would that be true? Okay, now here's where the difficulty is.
Most of the time, we look up the line, at everyone who has more than us, and envy them; quiet grief, and reluctant
acknowledgement they have more than us. What God wants you to learn to do is this: to thank God for where you're
positioned, and look down the line and say: I could really bless someone. Isn't that great? That's how I've learnt to do
that; so what it does, it stops you being full of envy, and you begin to - because you're in position - you begin to bless
all of those who have less than you. What you do, you actually come into a place where God can expand you. Before
you know it: hey, my position in the line has altered. [Laughte r] It's true. See most people focus on altering their
position in the line. God says: fill the position you've got; and He'll alter your position in the line. That's not hard is i t?
So there are times when we lived on very little, had six kids and $120 a w eek to pay everything, including school
fees, and every other kind of thing, so we had to learn just how to take what we had, which was very little. So we
learnt all about you know, cooking our own fish and chips, because we couldn't afford to buy any - but you know
what? I just got the newspaper, and wrapped it all up, and it was just like we bought it. [Laughter]
We got others to come around to our home-made chips, and our home-made fish and chips. You see it's not [I like it!]
how much you've got, it's what you do with what you've got; and you could be up here in the line, and be a miserable,
poor person. You can be down here, have very little, and be very rich! It's not anything to do with how much you've go
- it's got to do with what's in you, attitudes . It's a great thing to be set free of having to have lots of things. One of the
things the Bible says is: as goods increase, they increase that consume them. [Laughs] So if you've got lots of things,
there's a lot of problems come with it. So one of the things we need to understand in this area of giving, wherever you
stand in the prosperity line, thank God for what you have, and use it to bless someone who has less. Isn't that a good
principle? And the Bible says: no one will be in lack, if we all do that. There'll be not a single person here in need, if
we all purposed we would do that; and the Bible tells us: we need to do more than just love God, who we can't see;
we need to love the person, who's a member of the body of Christ, His representative on th e earth, who we can see.
That brings a lot of releases of things to us. Amen. [Amen] Well that's not the message today, but that was a good
one anyway, so [Laughter] I had it on my heart, and I've got to say that.
[Main Message] I want you to have a look with me in Romans, Chapter 13. We've been looking at God's order, and
how God wants to order the home, and order the family. Now I know there are single parents here, and you'll be
bucking and whatever, over some of the things I'm saying. There'll be women whose husbands are not saved, and
they'll be [grrr grrr grrr] but let me just say this: most situations that are out of order, are out of order because men
failed somewhere. If you're a single parent here, let me tell you this: I know there's a man who fai led. He failed to be a
man, he failed to protect you, he failed to honour you, he failed to make commitment to you; and part of the reason
you're in the place you're in, is because a man failed seriously. It doesn't mean you're not responsible for your
situation, but it does mean: a man failed. When marriages break up, guess who God holds responsible? The man!
This is where I'm aiming for, I want you to understand, if we want things to work right, we've got to discover God's
order, and find out way into God's order, because it works.
The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 8:4, where the word of a king is, there is power; and who can say to him: why are you
doing it that way? Where the word of a king is, there is power; and who can say to him: how come you're doing i t that
way? So Jesus is the king that we serve. We come to know Him through a personal relationship, we receive Him as
our saviour, and now we have access to a whole new realm of living. We don't live our life according to the way we
were raised, according to our culture, according to the society around us. We have a whole new realm to learn how to
live. It's called the kingdom of God, it's got its own value system, it's got its way of working; and God has set in place
laws in the spirit world, as well as laws in the natural world. The Bible says: He upholds them, or sustains them, and
makes them work; so there are principles He set in place, I can't change the principles. I can't say: well how come
You set it up like that? I can't just say: well God, I disagree with the man being the head of the woman. I don't like that
doctrine, I don't like that teaching at all.
It won't make any difference. Where the word of a king is, there is power. He doesn't say: He's going to make it that
way, He just says: this is how it is. He says: the man is the head. It's a position God has given to him, which he is
required to be responsible for fulfilling. Now I want you to have a look in Romans 13, and I want you to see - again
we'll just recover a couple of points, so we pick people up who weren't here. In Romans 13: let every soul be subject
under the higher powers. It's talking here about our attitude to people who occupy roles of authority, or delegated
influence somewhere - for there is no power or authority but of God, a nd the powers that be are ordered, or set in
place, by God Himself. That means: He arranged it, and set it up. It doesn't mean they're doing a good job at it, it just
means that God arranged it - so it says: whoever therefore resists the power, resists the ordinance of what God has
set in place; and those that resist, shall receive to themselves judgement.