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(i) Common for males to abdicate spiritual leadership responsibilities in home and the church.
(ii) Male irresponsibility and passivity frustrates and creates immense damag e and ruin in families and churches.
(iii) Male abdication of headship – refusal to submit to God’s order and design.
(iv) Every husband and father will be held to account for his marriage and family. 1 Cor. 4:2 – required o f stewards a man be found faith ful.
(c) Men must assume Responsibility to Lead
Whenever a man arises to assume responsibility for leadership.
(i) Experiences strong spiritual pressures against him to –
Undermine his confid ence and ability and fill with feelings of inadequ acy and intimidation.
Push him to yield up his responsibility and spiritual position.
(ii) Heavens power is released to stand behind him and impart wisdom, direction and help him make decisions.
· God is for leadership – oppression, abuse, neglect not His will.
· T he line between evil oppression and true leadership is in the heart. Mt.20:25-28.
(i) King Mentality – man assumes „King’ mentality when seeks his wife and family as subjects existing for his purposes and convenience.
(ii) Servant Leader
· Husband sees role as servant existing for ben efit of his wife and family to ful fil the purposes of God.
· God’s principles of leadership are based upon serving.
· Serving begins with attitude of heart – sense of responsibility for and willingness to give self to those you lead.
· Servant leadership
(i) Purpose
(ii) Example – standards
(iii) Direction
(iv) Provides
(v) Protects – spiritually and naturally
(vi) Unites family to relate and work together.
In Genesis 3, God gave man a clear mandate (area of responsibility), with instructions to "dress it" and "ke ep it". How
does this apply today? What does it mean? This session practically unpacks this - how to work it out in marriage?
What happens if we don't? What am I responsible for and what am I not responsib le for? How does it affect the spirit
world? What are the b road principals? Is there room for personal initiative?
Romans 13. I've just been thinking of 1 Corinthians 11:3; the man is the head of the woman, and Christ is the head of
the man; so we're going to get into that area today. Don't get all reactionary on me. I want you just to listen, open up
your heart. It'll help you. It'll give you some understanding and insight of some dynamics in relationships.
[Aside:] One of the things we need to understand, is that God calls us to bless and to give to one another, and to help
one another; and sometimes people can feel a tremendous burden inside. I know that for single parents that are living
on about $40 a week, and they feel a tremendous burden with these things. I encourage you though, to let your faith
be in God. I've discovered, it didn't matter really how much I had, it was never enough; but when I just honoured God,
it was amazing how He made what I had increase. But a vital part of that happening is that the body of Christ, we give
to the Lord - the Bible says: as you give, then it's given back to you, shaken together shall men give unto you. So
basically, when things come back to you, they come through people; but if the people, who God has called to be
responsible for helping you, won't do it, then there is a lack. Do we understand that?
In other words, in the body of Christ, in this local church, God calls us to be responsible to help one another. That's
why we put you in cell groups, and encourage you to connect together; so that where there are nee ds, you become
aware of them, and you can bless and minister to that person. So an important part of God's provision for us, is our
giving and supporting and helping one another. So I encourage you in thinking: if you have, then learn to look out for
those who have not, and bless them. What it does is, it produces a tremendous reassurance, that God has heard
their prayers. They begin to thank God, and they begin to open their hearts to God, in a new and fresh way. So we've
made it a practice, wherever we can, whenever we can, to just bless and give to people that we encounter, that are
less positioned than we are. Now if you have a look at yourself, if we drew a line, and over there is the person who