Authority in the Family HTML version

The source of all power and authority is God, who has entrusted it to 4 specific places on earth: Government, Church,
Family, and Individuals. Spiritual authority in the home is Gods design, and a source of releasing power and blessing.
Everything God estab lished, the enemy has tried to destroy and curse. Rather than react out of your own opinions o r
experience, open your heart to God, our creator. See what God calls us to do, acknowledge it, learn how to co -
operate with God, and enjoy the results.
We've been sharing how to build and draw your marriage into unity, by turning the hearts, one towards a nother. We
found that when hearts are directed towards one another, then there comes a tremendous flow in a marriage.
Otherwise if the heart has got barriers, and walls, or defilements in it; you find that no matter what you try, you can't
build that sense of unity. We shared a couple of weeks ago, about how people can be free from defilement, and many
people were prayed for, and began to acknowledge things that come into their life, previous relationships, defiling
thoughts. One of the things that happens so frequently, is that people find that their mind is troubled by memories or
pictures, which are very powerful and very vivid. It's important to know what to do with those things.
The first thing is to realise this, is that pictures and memories associate d with previous relationships, we need to
reject totally any hope of that relationship, any desire for that relationship. We need, within our heart, to totally reject
that which we were a part of in the past, which was not right. Without that, you can neve r be properly free and
separated from those things. The second thing is that breaking soul ties, or prayer ministry, can literally break the
links in those relationships, and bring a great measure of freedom in the mind. However some people find they still
struggle with thoughts and pictures that come back to them, pictures that re -invade the mind, even though they've
turned their heart against it, and they've been prayed for.
Let me give you then another key that will just help you, a very, very simple key. The Bible tells us in 2 Corinthians
10, Verse 5, it tells us: we are to bring into captivity e very thought into the obedience of Christ. So there's actually
something we can do, and that is: take every thought captive; making it a prisoner of war. A pris oner of war is a
soldier you captured and disarmed, so it says: thoughts which are ungodly thoughts or pictures, are like enemy
soldiers that come against us to hurt us; and we must arise inside, and take them captive, or prisoner of war; and
disarm them. Well of course how do you do that? Well it says this, it says: you take the thought captive into the
obedience of Christ. There's something Jesus has done, there's an area where Jesus has been obedient; that you
and I can take our thoughts, and make them s ubmit to what He has done. Now you say: how do I do that? That's
what we really need to know, how do I actually make it work? I can share with you testimony of how it works.
In my life, I ha ve found things that from my past have come up at times; and they've been quite vivid pictures, that
have been hard to displace. Whenever they come I used to fight them. Now of course as you fight them, they become
more attractive. The sign that says 'don't touch the paint', of course you want to touch it straight away. If I put a box
down the back, 'do not open this' it'd be sure to be opened more than a dozen times before the service is over.
[Laughter] It's just how it is. When we see the law 'don't do it'; you feel you want to do it. Knowing you're not to do it
never gives you any power, it just draws you to get more attracted, makes the sinner alive. So I've found that when
you fight negative thoughts, you actually end up empowering them; so I found a very simple way of dealing with it -
very powerful, it works very effectivel y. As the thought comes, I begin to identify the thought, I see it. Then I
consciously just take another thought, the cross of Christ. I consciously meditate on the cross of Christ, and
superimpose it over the picture that is coming to invade my m ind; and hold it there by faith, until what is beyond it,
begins to just disappear.