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§ T he Bible does not tell us to force this relationship into being – it reports the fact.
§ God has established the order or role of the man in relationship to the woman.
§ T he order is unbreakable – either flow with it or rebel against it.
§ T he man does not have to try to become the head (results in a mess!)
§ T he man is the head of the woman i.e. he has a role in the relationship.
§ Gods plan is for the woman’s work and home management to be bought into line and harmony with the direction and course the husband is going (“help
e) Headship is Part of Gods Design in Creation
1Cor 11:7 – 10
i) Wrong concepts
· Women are inferior (male chauvinism) - godly women extremely capabl e (Prov. 31).
· Women are less spiritually gifted - men and women both gifted (Gal. 3:28).
· Women are less valuable - each person is of equal value.
· Society male dominated in the bible - this is not the reason for headship.
ii) God created “Headship is Male” 1 Cor. 11:7-10
· Man is the head because God created it that way in the beginning.
· God gave man clear responsibilities and authority in relation to his wife and family.
· Greater authority - greater responsibilities - greater accountability.
· T he spirit realm recognises the authority structures God has set in place.
iii) What Headship is:
· It is a position of spiritual authority.
· It is a position of responsibility
· It is a role of leadership in relationship.
· It is a manifestation o f the headship of Christ.
Response: Recognise and embrace.
God has set spiritual laws and natural laws in place - we can't shift them, they are upheld by His power. Our only
response is to recognize them and align ourselves with them to flow under His blessing, or resist. Resisting the laws
of God (even in ignorance) opens a legal doorway for demonic spirits to gain access to our lives and bring
destruction. This teaching will help you become aware of your positioning and help you move forward.
Romans 13: Let every soul be subject to the hard delegated authorities, for there is no authority but of God, He's the
source of it. The powers that be, or the authorities that God has set in place, they are ordered or set in place by God;
so whoever resists the authority, resists what God has ordered; and those who resist, receive for themselves His
judgement. For rulers, or those in authority, are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Are you afraid of authority? Do
what is good, and you'll have the praise of the same; for he is the minister of God to you, for good. But if you do that
which is evil, you have every reason to be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain; he is the minister of God, to
bring and to execute God's judgement upon all that do evil.
Father, I'm asking that you'd bring divine order into homes and families, particularly today that you'd open our hearts
to understanding of Your government, Your order; and You'd cause a willingness to come into our hearts to respond
to it, in Jesus' name. Everyone said [Amen.] Amen.
Let every soul be subject to higher powers. The Bible makes it very clear, that every one of us has a choice, how we
will respond to authority. The Bible tells us that the powers tha t be, whatever that means, are ordained or set or
ordered by God. Now everyone loves to come to God like a great Santa Claus, and to receive blessing from Him; but
God wants us to actually understand that He has set things in order in the spirit world, tha t operates by principle. The
natural world operates by principles and laws, and God upholds what He has set in place. He's created an order in it
all, and so the Bible tells us this. It says that the powers that be, or authorities - that word there is a lawful authority, or
someone who has been delegated a legal right to exert power or influence. The Bible tells us, that wherever we go in