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B.2 Kalimantan, Indonesia
Formerly known as Borneo, Kalimantan is the world's second largest island. There are some
tourism places in Kalimantan.
B.2.1 Derawan Island
It is a favourite place for marine tourism. There are many
rare animals such as the green turtle, the scarlet turtle, star
fruit turtle and sea cow. The place is also home to many rare
species of marine plants and coral reef. It is also a good
place for scuba diving, pearl diving, fishing, swimming and
other water sports.
B.2.2 Bontang
Located in the regency of Kutai with 200.000 ha, Bontang has
rare flora and fauna. The Kutai National Park near Bontang is
worth visiting to see sceneries, especially those at Bears Bash.
B.2.3 Pontianak
It is the capital of West Kalimantan. Some of the favourite tourist spots include Equator
Monument, Caldaria palace in Kampong Dalai, the State Museum, the Kapoks and the Landau
Bridges and floating market.
B.2.4 Gunning Palung National Park and Nature Reserve
The Gunung [Mount) Palung national park located in the Ketapang regency is home to rare flora
and fauna. The Raya Pasi mountain located in the Singkawang regency is also interesting to visit
to see the Rafflesia or the Giant Flower. Singkawang is also a nature reserve. The forest of
Sanggau is worth a visit where hot springs, lakes and caves can be found.
B.2.5 Palangkaraya
Palangkaraya is the provincial capital of Central Kalimantan and situated in the upstream region
of the Kahayan river. Nowadays, the town has become the center of government, trade and
education of the province. The Regional Museum of Palangkaraya contains a collection of
historical and cultural interest from all over Central Kalimantan. The Nature Reserve of Tangkiling
lies 34 km north of Palangkaraya.
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