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Indonesia is the fabulous country. The name Indonesia derives from the Latin and Greek Indus,
and the Greek nèsos, means "island". Indonesia is an archipelago comprising
approximately 17,508 islands. It has 34 provinces with over 238 million people, and is the world's
fourth most populous country. The capital city is Jakarta. Do you want to spend your vacation in
Indonesia? Let’s read the following sections:
A Why Travel and Spend Vacation to Indonesia
Indonesia is an attractive country, so there are some reasons to visit Indonesia. Indonesia has
many tourist places. They are so unique and awesome. Indonesia is the best choice to spend
your vacation. Bali is one of tourist places in Indonesia. I am so pity when some of you say Bali is
not located in Indonesia. May Bali is more famous than Indonesia, it makes some of you didn’t
know the location of Bali. Absolutely, Bali is the most attractive tourist place, but there are others
tourist places in Indonesia as the alternative. There are some fabulous city, that is, Lombok,
Yogyakarta, Sumatra, Sulawesi, and so on.
Moreover, Indonesians are friendly person. I ever met American, his name Jack. He said the
friendliest person is Indonesian. Indonesian tries to be nice person. Indonesian is also kind
person. I am so proud to be Indonesian.
Further, Indonesia is a maritime country. It means Indonesia has a lot of sea. You can enjoy
beautiful scenery in the beach; you can snorkel, diving and so on. You can also sunbathing in the
beach. I think it is so interesting for you.
B Attractive Tourism Places in Indonesia
B.1 Bali
B.1.1 Ground Zero
Ground Zero Monument is located on Legian street, was
established and inaugurated on October 12, 2004 exactly
two years memorial to commemorate the victims of Bali
bomb tragedy first happened October 12, 2002. The
explosion occurred at two sites, the Sari Club and Paddy's
Cafe itself is estimated to cost the lives of 202 people. It is
easy to reach Ground Zero memorial, because the
monument is located on Legian street to the beach of Kuta . In terms of its architecture,
monuments Ground Zero has a unique form of Balinese carvings called "Kayonan", shaped like a
large white-painted leaves which symbolizes the universe and below we can see a list of names
of victims from different countries, including the victims came from our own country, Indonesia.
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