Attract Your Dream Life - Step by Step HTML version

You are going to read these affirmations out loud every morning and every night
ten times each. Repetition is key here so that is why we repeat every affirmation 10
Do this once in the morning when you start your day and once at night before you
go to bed.
To download a free mp3 that dicusses this and other principles in more detail click
Ok this is where the fun part comes in. Using your computer you can create
powerful videos that combine the affirmations with real images of what you are
visualizing about and powerful music that puts you in a positive emotional state.
How it works is you can search Google for free images of whatever you are
visualzing about. So if it’s money you can find pictures of checks and big stacks of
cash or if it’s cars you can actually find pictures of the specific car you are
visualizing about. The exact make and model and even the exact color you want.
We then create images using Microsoft Powerpoint that contain out affirmations.
Then once we have our images and our affirmations we combine them together into
a slide show and have background music playing.
So when you are watching it your affirmation will display that might say “I am a
millionaire” and then the next image will be a picture of a million dollar check. Or
you might have “I own a Lamborghini” and then have pictures of a Lamborghini.
The background music is also very powerful because it effects your mood.
It’s important to have a positive song in the background, something that is happy
and uplifting. If your video is about money then it would be wise to have a song
that sings about money. I have found that a lot of hip hop and R&B songs are about
success and money so that might be a good place to start.