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A Step By Step Guide On How To Attract Your Dream Life Now

This guide is about doing things in a step by step fashion every day to get the results you truly desire. There are some techniques and methods that we use to get the best out of these principles.

To achieve your true dream life it is recommended that you focus on all five key areas of your life which are: The financial, mental, physical, spiritual and relational.

You may not want to focus on all areas at once, which is ok but you do not want to totally neglect any of the five areas. Remember you can lead with one area at a time and then change which area you are leading with.

This guide combines the power of affirmations, visualizations and today’s computer technology to create a truly wealthy mindset.

It’s important to remember the concept of making your entire life a visualization. Don’t just do the steps in this guide and forget about it, keep visualizing and fantasizing all day. This will help mould your reality.

It is required for you to write down affirmations and say them out loud. Some people struggle to deal with this but it is a crucial part in your success.


You need to write them out on paper because it makes them real, you are bringing your desires out of your mind and into the physical world.

It’s not a hard thing to do but a lot of people skip over it. Hand writing it is more powerful than typing it on your computer so grab a pen and grab a paper and actually write out your desires.

If you are scared about someone finding it hide it under your mattress or something but you MUST so this.


You also need to say them out loud. This can be a bit intimidating for people but it’s very powerful to actually hear yourself say your affirmations.

Find a quiet place everyday where you know you won’t be disturbed and say your affirmations out loud. You don’t have to scream them so you don’t have to worry about other people hearing you just say them in a strong confident tone of voice. If you are worried about people hearing you, you could always say them in the shower if you have them memorized.


The first step is to create a list of affirmations. For example let’s say you want to focus on creating financial wealth you would grab your pen and notepad and write positive affirmations regarding to money.

There are a few important rules here. First you want to write in the present tense. Eg. “I am rich” NOT “I am going to be rich”.

You also want to keep everything positive. For example don’t write “ I DON’T believe that there is lack in the world” instead write “The world is a joyous and abundant place and there is plenty of money for everyone”.

This is important because even though you are saying you don’t believe there is lack you are still focusing your attention on lack so ultimately you will be attracting lack into your life.

Don’t be afraid to think big here. Too many people limit themselves on what they want to achieve. It’s your dream life we are talking about.

This process should be fun, think of it as you have been given the opportunity to map out your most perfect world with no limitations at all. Get imaginative, get playful with this. If there was no consequences at all and time money and resources were not a factor and you could literally have whatever you wanted ask yourself what it would be and write it down as if it’s already true.

There are NO limitations here. This is your dream life, there are no rules and no boundaries.

Once you have your affirmations written down in the correct format and are happy with them put them in a safe place because you will be using them every day. You are going to read these affirmations out loud every morning and every night ten times each. Repetition is key here so that is why we repeat every affirmation 10 times.

Do this once in the morning when you start your day and once at night before you go to bed.


To download a free mp3 that dicusses this and other principles in more detail click here



Ok this is where the fun part comes in. Using your computer you can create powerful videos that combine the affirmations with real images of what you are visualizing about and powerful music that puts you in a positive emotional state.

How it works is you can search Google for free images of whatever you are visualzing about. So if it’s money you can find pictures of checks and big stacks of cash or if it’s cars you can actually find pictures of the specific car you are visualizing about. The exact make and model and even the exact color you want.

We then create images using Microsoft Powerpoint that contain out affirmations. Then once we have our images and our affirmations we combine them together into a slide show and have background music playing.

So when you are watching it your affirmation will display that might say “I am a millionaire” and then the next image will be a picture of a million dollar check. Or you might have “I own a Lamborghini” and then have pictures of a Lamborghini. The background music is also very powerful because it effects your mood.

It’s important to have a positive song in the background, something that is happy and uplifting. If your video is about money then it would be wise to have a song that sings about money. I have found that a lot of hip hop and R&B songs are about success and money so that might be a good place to start.
Now you can get fancy video software to make all this happen but I understand not everyone is going to want to go out and buy software so I am going to show you an easy way to make your videos that won’t cost you a cent.

You will however need Microsoft Powerpoint which almost every computer has these days so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Step 1. Create a new folder on your desktop.

We need a place to save all the images we are going to use so right click on your desktop and create a new folder and rename it whatever you want, for this example let’s call it the images folder.

Step 2. Find images from Google


Simple go to and click on the “Images” link and enter your search term.


These are the images that came up when I searched for “Money”.


When you have found the image you want to use simply right click it and save it to the images folder you created on your desktop.


You generally want 2 to 3 images per affirmation.


Step 3. Create PowerPoint slides.

Ok so now we need to create our affirmations. Open up a new document in PowerPoint and right click on the blank document and select “Format Background” and a box will popup that looks like the one below:
Where it says color click on the drop down menu and select black. This will change your background to black. The click the “Apply to All” button and then close.

You should already have a text box on the screen but if you don’t on the toolbar up the top click on Insert then Text Box and that will create a new text box for you.

We then need to change the text to white. There is a box at the top of your screen that looks like the one below, make sure the “A” symbol has a white rectangle below it.

00001.jpgClick on the “B” symbol to make it bold and change the size to 60. Then you can start typing your affirmations.


They should look something like this:



You want to make a new slide for every affirmation you have. On the left hand side you will see a panel with a smaller version of your current slide. Simply right click that and select “Duplicate Slide” and put in each affirmation.

The next step is very important. We need to export the slides as GIF images so we can use them with our other images.

So what we need to do is select File >Save As.
If you have a newer version of PowerPoint you need to select File > Save As > Other Formats

Then in the Save File Type section select “GIF Graphics Interchange Format” from the drop down menu as shown below:


00003.jpgThen select the “Images Folder” and hit the save button and your affirmation images will be saved into the same folder as your other images.


Step 3. Music.

There are lots of positive songs out there that you can use as your background music. Try to avoid any song that includes heartbreak, sadness, violence, anger, aggression, depression etc. be sure to listen to the lyrics carefully because even though you might like the song and it’s catchy the lyrics might represent a negative belief or mindset.

You don’t want this because more than likely that song is going to get stuck in your head and we don’t want you repeating a negative lyric in your mind over and over.


So listen to the lyrics and make sure they are positive and uplifting. You want a song that makes you feel good when you listen to it.

One of my favourite songs to use with this is Whatever You Like by T.I as it’s an upbeat song and the lyrics represent wealth and success. Of course that is just my personal preference you are free to choose any song you like but just make it is a positive song that spreads a positive message.

Once you have your song all you need to do is play it in Windows Media Player or your favourite music player and run it in the background.


Let’s move onto the last step.


Step 4. Putting it all together.


Ok so this is the simplest step. Instead of using software to join everything together we can do it manually and it works just as good.


What we are going to do is run a simple slide show using the Windows slide show feature and play our music in the background while we watch.

You will want to organize your images before you run the slide show or else they will be all over the place. Have one affirmation image followed by two or three images like displayed in the image below:


Then once you are happy with the order of your images open up Windows Media Player and start playing your song and then open your images folder again and at the top you will see a “Slide Show” button. Press that and all the images in your folder will begin to display as a slide show. Once your slide is complete hit the “Esc” key on your keyboard to exit.


There you have it. It’s a very simple and easy way to create a video. You can use other software to make it more “professional” but in the spirit of keeping things simple and easy the slide show method works fine.

You should watch your movie every morning when you wake up and every night when you go to bed.



As you are watching your videos and saying your affirmations you are naturally going to be thinking about the things you are seeing and reading but we want to take it further and really visualize our dream life clearly.

After saying your affirmations and then watching your videos your mind will be ready and focused and you will be able to visualize even more powerfully.


Find a nice quiet, dark room and get yourself comfortable. Focus on your breathing to relax your body and clear your mind.


Inhale and exhale deeply while keeping your attention focused on your breathe. Start to picture your desires around you and enter the moment.


This is obviously going to depend on what you are visualizing about but for this example let’s say you are visualizing about your dream home.

Image yourself walking through your house. Remember you don’t want to see yourself in the image you want to see what you would see through your own eyes if you were really there.
Really take your time and notice all the fine details. Feel the carpet on your feet as you walk over it, notice the texture of the door handle and you open the door.

Here the sound of your massive widescreen plasma TV as you turn it on.


Smell the leather of your couches and notice how they feel when you sit on them.


Just enjoy walking around your house and taking in everything.


You want to do this for about 15 to 20 minutes.


Before you come out of your visualization give thanks for everything you have, take a moment to express extreme gratitude for your house and everything you have.


Slowly start to open your eyes, keep your breathing going and keep relaxed.


Now it’s important to not “snap back to reality” once you finish visualizing. Remember the concept we talked about earlier about visualizing your whole life.


Make a conscious effort not to slip back into “reality” but to keep your visualization ongoing.


To download a free mp3 that dicusses this and other principles in more detail click here