Attract Your Dream Life - Step by Step HTML version

The first step is to create a list of affirmations. For example let’s say you want to
focus on creating financial wealth you would grab your pen and notepad and write
positive affirmations regarding to money.
There are a few important rules here. First you want to write in the present tense.
Eg. “I am rich” NOT “I am going to be rich”.
You also want to keep everything positive. For example don’t write “ I DON’T
believe that there is lack in the world” instead write “The world is a joyous and
abundant place and there is plenty of money for everyone”.
This is important because even though you are saying you don’t believe there is
lack you are still focusing your attention on lack so ultimately you will be attracting
lack into your life.
Don’t be afraid to think big here. Too many people limit themselves on what they
want to achieve. It’s your dream life we are talking about.
This process should be fun, think of it as you have been given the opportunity to
map out your most perfect world with no limitations at all. Get imaginative, get
playful with this. If there was no consequences at all and time money and resources
were not a factor and you could literally have whatever you wanted ask yourself
what it would be and write it down as if it’s already true.
There are NO limitations here. This is your dream life, there are no rules and no
Once you have your affirmations written down in the correct format and are happy
with them put them in a safe place because you will be using them every day.