Attract Your Dream Life - Step by Step HTML version

A Step By Step Guide On How To Attract Your Dream Life
This guide is about doing things in a step by step fashion every day to get the
results you truly desire. There are some techniques and methods that we use to get
the best out of these principles.
To achieve your true dream life it is recommended that you focus on all five key
areas of your life which are: The financial, mental, physical, spiritual and relational.
You may not want to focus on all areas at once, which is ok but you do not want to
totally neglect any of the five areas. Remember you can lead with one area at a
time and then change which area you are leading with.
This guide combines the power of affirmations, visualizations and today’s computer
technology to create a truly wealthy mindset.
It’s important to remember the concept of making your entire life a visualization.
Don’t just do the steps in this guide and forget about it, keep visualizing and
fantasizing all day. This will help mould your reality.
It is required for you to write down affirmations and say them out loud. Some
people struggle to deal with this but it is a crucial part in your success.
You need to write them out on paper because it makes them real, you are bringing
your desires out of your mind and into the physical world.
It’s not a hard thing to do but a lot of people skip over it. Hand writing it is more
powerful than typing it on your computer so grab a pen and grab a paper and
actually write out your desires.
If you are scared about someone finding it hide it under your mattress or something
but you MUST so this.
You also need to say them out loud. This can be a bit intimidating for people but it’s
very powerful to actually hear yourself say your affirmations.
Find a quiet place everyday where you know you won’t be disturbed and say your
affirmations out loud. You don’t have to scream them so you don’t have to worry
about other people hearing you just say them in a strong confident tone of voice. If
you are worried about people hearing you, you could always say them in the
shower if you have them memorized.