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Mercury in LIBRA needs help deciding everything. They can provide the pros

and cons of several choices, but to pick just one seems too difficult. They

make great mediators, because they can fairly see both sides, never

choosing one over the other.

And, since they have such a fondness for marriage, counseling battling

spouses is a natural occupation also. They can also be found in abundance

practicing law. The fairness and impartiality that they see in the codified

ordinances and statutes appeals to the rational LIBRA Mercury. In this case

they can make reasoned, fair judgments based on prior legal precedents.

Weigh both sides, LIBRA Mercury.

Venus is comfortably at home while in LIBRA. There will be fresh flowers for

Venus to appreciate as she gracefully starts the day.

Her classically feminine wardrobe and tastefully collected accent pieces

reflect the good taste and fine grooming inherent for these fortunate


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Venus in LIBRA can handle the social schedule for her family with grace.

Thank you notes are prompt and ingratiating.

She truly appreciates all the finer things life has to offer. And they come to

her with ease.

She never brags or boasts about how well she’s doing.

She doesn’t have to….it’s obvious!

In LIBRA, Mars breezes in with his convertible top down letting the sun warm

his golden tanned skin. He knows the speed limit and keeps just a few miles

above it, raising no radar attention. He was stopped once, but his agreeable

manner soon charmed the female patrol officer out of a ticket and into a

date. He was single at the time.

His second wife wanted her space and he graciously didn’t battle her in the

courts. He obtained an equitable settlement due to the fact that she was

heiress to a fortune, and he had been a patient and accommodating lover all

during their seven-year marriage.

Mars in LIBRA always gives as good as they get. He has found this trait

particularly useful in his antique business. He does not mind paying well for

the estate items he purchases.

He has a talent for spiffing them up and turning an enormous profit.

The placement of Mars in LIBRA endows one with a skilled eye for the

Antique Market. These natives have been known to uncover priceless

collector pieces, making their previous owners a handsome offer and tripling

their own investment through an advantageous sale.

Jupiter in LIBRA does quite well in marriage also. They only get tripped up

when they fall for their attorney after the third divorce. Until then, they had

always used the marriage laws very much to their own advantage.

Jupiter in LIBRA also endows it’s natives with an appreciation for all facets of

the Judicial System. They can be found in the Domestic Relations Court, but

also make excellent Divorce Attorneys. As Police Officers, they are usually

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sent to “family trouble” calls. The outcome can be more peaceful by their


The law is the law! This statement reflects the sentiment of Saturn in LIBRA.

They rarely take their marriage vows lightly. They aren’t found so much as

spitting on the sidewalk. Saturn in LIBRA follows the letter of the law.

When they are on the bench, the offenders get stern, but always fair


They can recall obscure Judicial decisions that they studied twenty years ago,

if the decision applies in a current case.

Curiously, on Appeals Courts, they tend to side with the majority opinion.

Divorce, Divorce, Divorce! This is the single greatest keyword for Uranus in

LIBRA. Not everyone with Uranus in LIBRA will be divorced, of course. But,

with Uranus’ liking for disruption and LIBRA being the sign associated with

marriage, the seven years Uranus spent in LIBRA may have been the high

water mark for marital break-ups.

The divorce rate has been declining for several years, but so has the amount

of folks getting married at all. During Uranus’ transit through LIBRA, most of

the advantages allowed to females in divorce situations were obliterated.

The Domestic Relations laws have become more evenhanded. Fair-

mindedness and marriage are both very much associated with LIBRA.

You just have to love the Hippie generation. These are personified by the

Neptune in LIBRA dudes that first brought Haight-Ashbury, Woodstock and

Love-ins into free loving prominence.

Most likely, 95% of the “Make Love Not War” generation were born between

1942 and 1958. Neptune wafted through LIBRA during most of that era.

Fortunately, it will be 2085 before Neptune inhales the ether that is LIBRA


Pluto ripped through LIBRA during much of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Peace

loving, fair-minded LIBRA made no dent in the intensity of Pluto’s gaze. This

is probably why the peace loving generation never had a chance.

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Pluto exposed the sordid, steamy side of life the younger generation was

making for itself.

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As we go back into the kitchen for a visit with the Moon, she has decided to

move into SCORPIO. She has amassed a feast of Crab Legs, Lobster, shrimp

and oysters.

Her large electric roaster with the stainless steel rack, does double service as

a steaming pot for these delicacies.

On the side, there are four sauces to enhance the seafood.

She has done a cabbage and carrot slaw with a distinctly tart dressing.

All she has to do is warm up the twice baked potatoes and dinner is on.

Why, she wonders, is she putting all this effort into pleasing these ungrateful


Her older brother is always lording over everyone that he earns a seven-

figure income. Who cares!

But, what really enrages her is the way her younger sister openly flirts. This

Moon in SCORPIO knows just what she’s up to; getting all snuggly with her

two brothers-in-law. She must have all kinds of plastic and silicone scattered

throughout her face and body! Or, at least, that’s what Moon in SCORPIO

tells her husband.

As we reach the closing days of October, the Sun shifts into SCORPIO. The

nights are much longer now. So much more time to spend in bed, if that’s

what you like, and Sun in SCORPIO likes it very much.

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They can trace the motives for most of the decisions they’ve made

throughout their life. Or maybe we should say, “motive”.

Start with going to a known party college; why? Sex will be easier to obtain.

Next, major in medicine; why? Medical professionals are more of a turn on to


Upon graduation, open a private practice; why? It’s easier to fit an afternoon

dalliance into the schedule when you book your own appointments.

You get the drift. Everything revolves around their considerable demand for

sexual release.

Rock on, SCORPIO.

Mercury in SCORPIO has very few difficulties. They can grasp the deepest

subjects and understand the motivation behind them.

Mercury in SCORPIO students don’t offer the answers. They just have more


This is an ideal trait when they are looking for a career.

They find out all about the company they’re applying to before the company

even knows they are interested. This skillful eliciting of information can be

useful in many occupations, a few of these being Police Detectives, FBI

agents and skip tracers.

With Venus in SCORPIO, there will be conflict. Venus wants everything in

good taste, SCORPIO just wants everything. Venus is pretty and light,

SCORPIO is sexy and dark.

The wardrobe is a challenge. SCORPIO leans towards deeper, richer colors,

Venus wants lighter, harmoniously matched clothing.

SCORPIO needs to have fabrics that heighten their sensual pleasure. Venus

wants her basics in flowing lines.

Perhaps, the contrast that is brought to light with Venus in SCORPIO is Venus

wants and SCORPIO needs . But, Venus is uncomfortable when her

neediness is exposed.

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This is a troublesome placement in most horoscopes.

When we see the black Hummer with the tinted windows whiz onto the

turnpike, we know that Mars has entered SCORPIO.

Visualize the gun toting, grudge holding, self- sufficient backwoodsmen in the

movie Deliverance.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme.

There are talented sculptors, oilmen and fire-fighters who contribute mightily

to society with this placement.

But, if you know a Mars in SCORPIO individual, don’t make an enemy of

them! The vengeful wrath that can be heaped on those who cross them is


Consider yourself warned.

Or, if you have Mars in SCORPIO in your own chart, consider yourself


Jupiter in SCORPIO gives fervency to the studies of philosophy and religion.

There can be seen a dogmatic adherence to philosophic beliefs and religious

faith. Some infer from this that the SCORPIO bodily appetites can be

surmounted or forced into a higher expression.


But, just as likely, this religious or philosophical fervency can be twisted into

conforming to the enormous physical needs inherent in the sign SCORPIO.

Much the same can be said whenever Jupiter forms a relationship with Pluto

in the horoscope.

No placement feels the guilt and shame for their sexual exploits quite like

Saturn placed in SCORPIO. Maybe, they have already paid the price of

infertility, or a chronic STD.

Saturn will take you to task for hasty actions. SCORPIO only makes haste in

the bedroom.

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Sounds like a combination for disaster to me.

Uranus can unleash some of its enormous energy when in SCORPIO. We

only have to look back about thirty years (1975-1982) to see the results of

Uranian force in the sign SCORPIO.

HIV AIDS was first identified by the U.S. Center for Disease Control in 1981.

This disease was existent for some time but the Uranian transit through

SCORPIO blew the lid off the complex set of symptoms besetting Health

Professionals worldwide.

Neptune’s most recent sensual tryst with SCORPIO was during the late

1950’s through the 1960’s. The seeds of free love were sprouting


The legitimatization of what had previously been labeled “sexual promiscuity”

occurred during this time. An antiseptic form of Sex Education began to be

taught in public schools.

Neptune could deal with the sexual side of SCORPIO, to a point.

Neptune allowed the glamorization of the previously hidden SCORPIO

secrets, but Neptune didn’t want the specifics brought to light.

When Pluto transited SCORPIO, there was much research completed on the

causes and ultimate course of the then recently discovered HIV AIDS


Most of today’s treatments are based on research and findings uncovered

during the period when Pluto was in SCORPIO.

All the dedicated researchers that worked long and tirelessly to find a

treatment for the dreaded disease were most likely experiencing the

influence of Pluto in SCORPIO.

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We find the Moon in SAGITTARIUS, sitting in her kitchenette apartment

facing the Swiss Alps mountain range.

She really wants to put together the family reunion, but everyone is in

different parts of the world!

She decides on Chinese delivery food and flowers from that florist on the


She gets out her address book and places a call to New York. Her favorite

Chinese food in the entire world is from that little place in Chinatown.

For a few extra dollars she can have it sent to her sister in Manhattan. She

quickly orders her favorite from their menu and asks if they know of any

good restaurants in Las Vegas.

Not only do they know of one, but the owner’s family has an excellent

catering firm there. She then places a call to the Las Vegas eatery.

Her younger brother is part-owner of one of the casinos and works non-stop,

so she has the food sent to his office.

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She thinks fondly of her older brother; he is finishing up his doctorate in


After forty five minutes placing international calls and another half hour on

the Internet, she locates Sim Dun’s in Athens. They are most accommodating

as she places her order. Naturally, there will be a surcharge for the delivery

to the University.

The Flowers by Modem is handled quickly with a few keystrokes.

She is fasting to protest the hunger throughout the world, but feels no need

to share that with the rest of the family.

With that finished, she can get back to her skiing plans.

In the United States, the Sun is ushered into SAGITTARIUS just in time for

the Thanksgiving Holiday. Perhaps, this is the most bountiful of holidays with

all the food and visiting.

Thanksgiving is also a time for reflecting on the deeper meaning of being

grateful for all we have. SAGITTARIANS are generous, symbolizing the

generosity of the Pilgrims and Indians on Thanksgiving Day. We appreciate

the warm-hearted and jovial spirit of our SAGITTARIAN friends.

Now if we just had some of their luck!

Mercury moves much too quickly in SAGITTARIUS; so many deep subjects to

ponder and so little time.

The have a wide expanse of knowledge. Mercury in SAGITTARIUS can

develop an interest in many subjects, particularly philosophy, theology;

pretty much any “ology” can capture their thirsty minds.

Mercury in SAGITTARIUS needs a stabilizing influence that can be provided

by having a strong contact with Saturn somewhere in their horoscope.

Otherwise, the scattering of their studies has a way of getting out of control.

One of the most gifted astrologers I’ve ever known described her own

Mercury in SAGITTARIUS as “only opening her mouth to change feet”. What

others saw was as an adherence to the truth.

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Her mastery of numerous Astrology methods made her an excellent teacher

and speaker.

Jogging suits, sweats, jodhpurs, breeches and all manner of sports clothing

will be the basic stock of the Venus in SAGITTARIUS wardrobe. They also

prefer vests to jackets because they allow more freedom of movement as

they pursue their many sporting activities.

If their hair is long enough, they will pull it back into a pony tail. The obvious

reference to horses is due to the symbol for SAGITTARIUS, the Centaur. The

Centaur is known throughout Greek Mythology as being half human and half


Venus is a sportier, more casual dresser when in SAGITTARIUS.

Mars guns his Ferrari engine as he enters SAGITTARIUS. Always an avid

sports aficionado, Mars is liable to have a monetary interest in the outcome

of every game they follow. These folks are gamblers. Whether at the race

track, or in the betting parlor, they always keep one eye on the odds.

Whatever town they are visiting, they usually have an email address or

phone number for someone with whom they can casually spend the night.

Friend? Lover? “Now honestly” they ask “What’s the difference?”

Others consider themselves to be lucky to be around them. But, who’s really

the lucky one?

Jupiter arrives home in SAGITTARIUS. These blessed creatures always

seem to land on their feet. It comes from their honest and straightforward

method of tackling big problems. Like the Centaur, these beings are said to

be caught between two natures (they are “liminal”). They have an animal-

like instinct that keeps them from harm’s way and human foresight to

envision a crisis before it arises.

Since Jupiter takes about twelve years to go through all twelve signs, these

are the one in twelve people that get most of life’s “lucky” breaks.

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Saturn in SAGITTARIUS steadies the mind. People with this combination

should become paid dissertation writers. They can hold onto all the facts,

and blend them into a lengthy discourse.

Their excellent mastery of difficult subject matter enables them to rise to the

top position at prestigious Colleges and Universities. This isn’t so much

through luck as wisdom. They know how to acquire knowledge and pass

some of their methods on to their fortunate faculty.

A significantly placed Saturn in SAGITTARIUS in the birth chart endows one

with a studious wisdom.

We witnessed Uranus in SAGITTARIUS during much of the 1980’s. The

University culture underwent tumultuous changes during this period. We

also witnessed the beginning of widespread gambling casinos in this country.

Major cultural changes were beginning to surface as some Pastors and Priests

were exposed as shills and predators. Western Religions weren’t prepared

for the explosive attack Uranus in SAGITTARIUS made to bring the issues

before the public.

Neptune sidled into SAGITTARIUS in January of 1970. Those readers old

enough to remember this fourteen-year cycle, recall some the headlines.

The ones which I use to blend the meaning of the planet Neptune aligned

with the sign SAGITTARIUS are in connection with narcotic smuggling into

the USA from foreign countries, and the dilution of the Liberal Arts education

in higher institutions of learning.

We saw Pluto emerge in SAGITTARIUS during November of 1995. That was

the year that a Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to Edward B. Lewis, an

American geneticist, for his studies with flies that laid the groundwork for the

field of developmental genetics.

And, Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War was released by Namco for the Play Station 2. In this game, war breaks out for possession of natural resources.

Those two citations are examples of blending the powerful forces of Pluto

with the world wide scope of SAGITTARIUS.

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Back with the Moon; she is occupying CAPRICORN. Her annual family dinner

is laden with tradition.

She sniffs the cabbage rolls with her upturned nose. The smell is divine.

This is her family’s favorite meal. Several years ago, her father imparted the

treasured technique for preparing them only for her. He had a large catering

firm and his customers thought the stuffed cabbages would never be the

same when he sold it.

After Miss Moon in CAPRICORN completed her education, she opened a small

restaurant featuring the same “pigs in a blanket” on her short, but

mouthwatering, menu.

She is now the executive in charge of a major chain of eateries. But, she will

never forget how she got her start from her dad’s prized recipe.

As the Sun enters CAPRICORN, Mother Nature is laying a blanket of snow

over the perennial gardens and lawns, affording them protection from the

blustery winds.

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In the shops, much preparation is going on to celebrate the Christian feast of


CAPRICORNS delights in this season. Their merriment is derived from the

upswing in sales their businesses have at this time.

CAPRICORN is the business owner. They are willing to put in the hard work

necessary to build an enterprise into a veritable cash cow. CAPRICORN Sun

keeps their attention focused on the bottom line and this holiday season

never fails to improve their profit.

Turning to the Mercury in CAPRICORN placement, we see these natives

burning the midnight oil to get the top score on their exams.

Mercury is quite competitive when in CAPRICORN. If they get top scores,

doors will open for them to the more prestigious business schools. They

envision obtaining their MBA in record time and going on to learn and earn

with a few major corporations.

But, the end game revolves around owning the company. And, because of

their tireless efforts, and continual attention to details, their dream is often


Venus turns oddly practical when she inhabits CAPRICORN. Her youthful

profile would allow her to wear the styles seen on teens and young adults

well into retirement.

But, she has an eye for more classic styles that can be worn year after year.

She has a coat and two jackets that her father wore when he was in the


She interchanges them with a brown cashmere ankle length coat and some

woolen blazers she’s picked up over time when she found them on sale.

On the practical side (and this lady is all matter-of-fact), she is seeing a well-

known owner of a popular cosmetic company. In confidence, she relates to

her best friend that she will hang on to him until something better comes


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Mars ploughs into CAPRICORN on his John Deere tractor. He’s ready for the

hard work ahead.

Perseverance is his middle name. He’s ready to do the heavy-lifting any

complex job may require.

His endurance is often legendary. This comes in handy when pursuing the

object of his desires as well. He belongs to the “first to come, last to leave”

school of winning his mate. He never fails to please his lovers, because of

his patience and endurance.

Someone once said that Jupiter in CAPRICORN is an oxymoron; Jupiter being

the symbol for sheer luck and CAPRICORN displaying the hallmark of hard


I prefer to try to blend the qualities. But, I’ve been disappointed more than

a few times with this combination. Their fathers usually have put in all the

hard work and these natives bask in the reflected glory from the previous


These are the individuals who get the job because the higher-ups know his

dad or the family name sweeps him back into elected office year after year,

without him doing much in the here and now to deserve his reelection.

They also have access to private sources of financing and country club

memberships based solely on the reputation of their elders.

As they age, this can turn into “tough luck” if these folks never become

accomplished on their own.

In CAPRICORN, Saturn is at home. He feels the inhibitive influence as a

blanket that keeps him safe from getting too chummy with success.

He knows he has to continue to struggle just so he will maintain his out-in-

front position, and he’s no stranger to long hours and grinding drudgery.

If this is what it takes to keep him at the top of his profession, he’s more

than willing to make the sacrifice. This placement exhibits hard work par


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The rewards do come for these persevering natives. But, never confuse their

rise to prominence with luck!

It’s been a back-breaking fight the whole way.

Uranus was in CAPRICORN most recently from February 1988 to January

1996. Big business, symbolized by CAPRICORN, underwent a total upheaval.

In this country, it was a time when business executives were beginning to

resent the fatherly role they had played in their employees’ careers. Labor

contracts were being rewritten to continually favor management. Employees

were starting to be hired on under new terms.

This thread will continue when we explore Pluto below.

Neptune sort of tunneled into CAPRICORN. We can call this 14 year period,

“the era of the Whistle Blower”. People who had worked for decades for

large government agencies and huge corporations were hypnotized into

believing that, by exposing their insider horror stories, the climate in their

agency/corporation would improve.

As with most misguided efforts Neptune makes, these folks suffered many

disappointments. Neptune can’t get its head around facts and figures. So,

through the latter part of the 1980’s into the 1990’s, when Neptune inhabited

CAPRICORN, corporations and agencies viewed it as business as usual, but

with a few more crybabies.

Presently, Pluto is occupying the sign CAPRICORN. If you like the way big

business and government agencies handled the foregoing transits of Uranus

and Neptune through CAPRICORN, you’re gonna love this transit.

Pluto brings organized labor into the picture in an unflattering pose. There is

little doubt that Corporations and Government agencies, symbolized by

CAPRICORN, can remain unchanged by the relentless and underhanded

assault of Pluto.

Pluto sometimes decides to destroy what it can’t modify.

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Oh, look! Our Moon has drifted into AQUARIUS. Here he/she is sitting at the

kitchen table with his/her foot propped up.

Wouldn’t you know it, just when he/she had all the preparation ahead of

him/her for the family invasion he/she went jogging to energize

himself/herself and stepped on a rock and twisted his/her ankle.

Some of his/her friends from the skiing club are on their way over to put the

whole meal together.

You get the message, Moon in AQUARIUS is certain that there are no male or

female roles. The whole scene would be bad enough without this ankle


Brother Tom is constantly harping about the unusual lifestyle she’s chosen.

And, little sister Peggy just wants her to settle down and be happy. Moon in

AQUARIUS is very happy! This amazes onlookers.

When the sun moves into AQUARIUS, there is a ray of hope. There has been

enough water through the winter to maintain the heavy root systems and

underground springs. Chilly breezes clear away the excess moisture above

the ground, maintaining the balance of earth to water.

Those with the Sun in AQUARIUS should be aware that their sign sits

between the very earthy Capricorn and the extremely watery Pisces.

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Their job is to maintain the equilibrium of water to earth. Symbolically, this

refers to their ability to weigh emotions (water) with practicality (earth).

AQUARIUS is the most rational of the twelve signs.

Mercury is most pleased to enter the realm of AQUARIUS. This placement

personifies the thought process and learning at its most lucid.

Scientific breakthroughs are often made by individuals with Mercury in

AQUARIUS. Their neatly ordered minds can classify and codify abstract

concepts. They are at home using complex formulae to solve long standing


Move to the head of the class, Mercury in AQUARIUS.

Much of the above applies to natives with a close association of Mercury with

Uranus in their birth chart.

“Throw away the make-up, uplift bra, tummy minimizer and razor. I’m fine

the way I was created!” Now ladies, I know this sounds so extreme, but not

to the Venus in AQUARIUS. Luckily, they are usually born with above

average bone structure and sturdy hair and nails.

There is no real department they can shop in at the chain stores and big

outlet malls. They are found rummaging through the second-hand shops

hopping from men’s racks to ladies without giving it a thought. The end

result is eclectic and highly unique.

If you find Venus in the horoscope configured with the planet Uranus, some

of the same tendencies will apply.

You ask about their love life. Much of the foregoing applies there as well.

Live and let live is the Venus in AQUARIUS mantra.

Mars in AQUARIUS zips into his assigned parking place at the Automotive

Design and Assembly plant in his Mitsubishi's Prototype X. He was

instrumental in the design and changes to the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-

cylinder engine.

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His dual talents as a mechanical designer and automotive engineer have

made his present position possible.

Mental energy consumes these natives.

Presently, he’s working on a more advanced concept car to be debuted at the

Detroit Auto Show next year. He appears so laid back, no one would fathom

the genius that inhabits his brain.

Here in AQUARIUS, Jupiter applies its luck very even-handedly. Much of the

good fortune that can befall Jupiter in AQUARIUS is due to sudden

unexpected events:

$ A chance whim to pick up a lottery ticket.

$ A sudden offer to travel that turns into a great adventure.

$ Approval for a research project that allows a stipend and all

expenses until the completion of the study.

The close association AQUARIUS has with Uranus brings about the same type

of events when Jupiter is aligned in the birth chart with Uranus. This is often

referred to as the “lucky break” aspect.

With the placement of Saturn in AQUARIUS, there is still the tendency to be

able to make major breakthroughs in science, medicine and engineering.

But, as is always the case with Saturn, much hard work goes before the

brilliantly conceived invention.

Saturn in Aquarius may be the ideal placement. The arduous labor of Saturn

combined with the brilliant, inquiring mind of AQUARIUS, is hard to beat in

making new discoveries in most fields of endeavor.

In AQUARIUS, Uranus finds its home. The planet's erratic orbit and the

blending of the water and the earth into a rational form, bring about the

dramatic changes that accompany truly innovative discoveries.

We have recently experienced seven years of Uranus in AQUARIUS. During

that period, science and technology have aligned their forces for changing

Copyright © 2008 by Roberta Chapin

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medicine, automobiles and communications to a degree never conceived of

as possible.

Change was everywhere in the wind.

Neptune is presently domiciled in AQUARIUS; possibly blurring some of the

dramatic discoveries noted earlier when Uranus was in AQUARIUS. As

Neptune takes roughly fourteen years to transverse each sign, it may be late

2010 before some of the most remarkable innovations inspired during

Uranus’ transit through AQUARIUS will come out of the clouds and descend

into the worldly realm where they can be put to practical, everyday use.

We will see Pluto in AQUARIUS after it finishes its tour of Capricorn. In

theory, this will be the uncovering of long range consequences and

unimagined results of previous medical and scientific discoveries. This

process will begin during late 2023.

Some of the more brilliant inventions may be smashed to smithereens or

monopolized by large corporate or underworld interests. Those with an eye

to prediction may be able to reach back in history to find some clues even

though it hasn’t transited this revolutionary sign since Pluto’s discovery in


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Back on the Moon, she has moved into watery PISCES. These family

gatherings are always so filled with emotion.

The Moon can remember previous reunions where there were hurt feelings

and disappointments.

Everyone has agreed to bring a dish; our Moon in Pisces is providing the

beverages. She always has a couple cases of vintage wines put away for

special occasions.

The bar is stocked to provide martinis, cosmopolitans and other mixed


Moon in Pisces very much hopes her younger brother can attend. He was

just released from the penitentiary after serving time for drug-related

charges, and it’s time he put his life back together.

One year, he couldn’t make this annual event because he was hospitalized

after an overdose.

She dreamily concludes that this year will be better.

When the Sun rolls into PISCES, there seems to be a lot of fog and haze.

The Sun is not very powerful here. The only bright spot seems to be the

Irish High Holy Day; the Feast of St. Patrick. It’s as if the sojourn of the Sun

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through late February and March needs a little repast to be able to continue

on until Spring.

Natives of PISCES go with the flow. We see them trudging on through the

snow flakes and mud puddles to reach their destination.

No other sign can appreciate the special difficulties they experience.

Sun in PISCES is the most sensitive of the twelve Sun placements. They

have absorbed the disappointment and discouragement of all the previous

signs. They earned their reputation as martyrs.

When Mercury is positioned in PISCES, there can be a poetic mind. Mercury

in PISCES learns by osmosis. They soak up only what is needed, all the

while having their rich imaginations off dreaming about more important


The sign PISCES is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions.

Think double majors; one in the social sciences and one in hospital


Thoughts seem to come to them out “out of the blue”. This enhances their

psychic abilities. This will also be true of persons who have a strong

connection between Mercury and Neptune in their natal charts.

The aging Queen; not what she once was, but still beautiful is, symbolically,

Venus in PISCES. Little flaws are showing up. Maybe, a small tear is present

in the fabric of beauty they are clothed in. Estee Lauder and Lancôme’ are

much the wealthier for Venus visiting PISCES, as are the Cosmetic Surgeons.

These ladies and gentlemen maintain their beauty well beyond its natural


Romantically, we see Venus in PISCES dating younger people to prolong their

own youth.

They see the beauty in one rose, rather than the dozen expected by others.

They are so flattered to still be wanted and appreciated.

We can call Venus in PISCES: “Love on the high seas”.

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As Mars paddles into PISCES, his canoe is taking on water. Quick

movements will cause the boat to tip. If they can’t get to shore and end this

journey soon, they will drown.

Mars in PISCES can handle more than one task at a time e.g. bailing out

water and paddling. But, don’t expect this to go on forever. They do tire.

Their talent for empathy is put to good use as healers and social workers.

They really do “Feel your Pain”.

If Mars in the birth chart has challenges from outer planets (Uranus, Neptune

and Pluto), they can become the victims of society.

Mars in PISCES also has an ability to work with all matter of prostheses.

Jupiter in PISCES is wonderfully placed. Every twelve years, when Jupiter

travels through PISCES, the fish seem to find their way a little closer to land.

PICEANS are a bit more outgoing, they are better talkers and socializers

during Jupiter’s reign of their Sun sign.

Those born with Jupiter in PISCES have been known to amass fortunes in the

hospital and institutional industries. They also have a knack for buying stock

in the adult beverage sector and living their lifetime on the dividends.

Before the discovery of Neptune, Jupiter was happily at home in PISCES.

There is still a pleasant relationship when Jupiter and Neptune meet in the

natal horoscope.

We look in on the prison cell that can be Saturn in PISCES, to see through

the bars someone paying dearly for their emotional outbursts, drug

dependencies or perhaps an alcoholic “lost weekend”.

More than most Saturn placements, these natives need to keep their feelings

and cravings under control. One wrong step and their downfall can be


If Saturn in Pisces is the prominent feature of a horoscope, there can be a

lifelong battle with drug dependency, alcoholism or petty crimes.

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Presently, Uranus is domiciled in PISCES. So far, there has been a tendency

on the part of local and state governments to privatize some of the largely

heretofore public institutions and services. Prison systems, hospitals and

even garbage collection have been jobbed out to the private sector.

Since these functions don’t lend themselves naturally to the “for profit”

system, these will probably not be seen as a major economic boom in the


Neptune has finally come home to rest as it enters PISCES. This will be in

March of 2011. We will probably see a comprehensive, compassionate health

care system at this time.

It will move in slowly, with a few fits and starts, but the time will have come

for this reform. The true cost will, of course, be quite murky. This is how

Neptune operates.

Perhaps, oil profits will be subjugated into paying for this elaborate

entitlement scheme. Pure conjecture, but nonetheless quite possible with

Neptune in PISCES.

Pluto in PISCES will usher in the discovery of corruption and monopolization

in the same fields that were overturned and reformed with Uranus and

Neptune’s travels through PISCES. Prisons, Drug Rehabilitation facilities,

hospitals and some other public service institutions will be found to have

been dominated by unsavory criminal types of the same ilk that are presently

occupying large government and corporate circles. Pluto destroys what can’t

be totally reorganized.

But, this is very far into the future.

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Chapter Three: The Aspects - The Direction the Road Takes

Each planet in the horoscope has a relationship with the others. Since the

horoscope is composed of three hundred and sixty degrees with each sign

occupying thirty of these degrees, the combinations of relationships that can

be formed are myriad.

This Chapter will deal with only the major geometric angles.

For a key to understanding the aspects, an appreciation of the elements and

modes is probably required.

The four elements are fire, earth, air and water.

The modes consist of cardinal, fixed and mutable.

The first sign, Aries, is of the Fire element and Cardinal mode.

The second sign, Taurus, is Earth and Fixed.

The third sign, Gemini, is Air and Mutable.

The fourth sign, Cancer, is Water and again Cardinal.

…. and so it goes …..

Leo, Fire, Fixed.

Virgo, Earth, Mutable.

Libra, Air, Cardinal.

Scorpio, Water, Fixed.

Sagittarius, Fire, Mutable.

Capricorn, Earth, Cardinal.

Pisces, Water, Mutable.

The Fire signs are hot and energetic.

The Earth signs are down to earth and practical.

The Air Signs are intellectual. The Water signs are emotion based.

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The Cardinal mode initiates action, the Fixed mode carries through the initial

action, and the Mutable mode adapts to the actions initiated and carried

through by the Cardinal and Fixed modes.

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Conjunction: When planets are within ten degrees of one another, they are

said to be in CONJUNCTION to one another.

This happens a good deal of the time when the planets are both in the same

sign. But, even when they are in adjoining signs, the flavor of one is carried

over into the other, just like foods that are next to each other in the


The stronger planet will usually impart a greater flavor on the weaker planet.

The planets are viewed as strong when in their own signs or in a sign in

which they are comfortable.

Conversely, they are thought to be weak when in a sign in which they aren’t

as compatible.

For example: The Sun in Leo is very powerful; it can usually dominate any

planets near to it. The influence of the Leonine Sun can bring its natural

brilliance to any other planet it touches.

The tendency to outshine that the Sun possess must be factored into the

interpretation of the Sun when it’s conjunct with the other planets.

Conversely, with conjunctions to the Moon, the flavor of the planets mostly

spill over onto the Moon rather than the other way around.

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Sextile: When planets are sixty degrees apart, they are said to be in sextile aspect.

There is what is called an orb of influence of five or six degrees, so that

planets which are anywhere between fifty-four and sixty-six degrees of each

other will have this harmonious blending.

The relationship is an easy one.

Although the Elements and modes aren’t the same, they are in harmony.

There is not the sharing of flavors associated with the Conjunction but a

blending of the dispositions of the two planets.

It signals an opportunity for these two planets to work well together. If

these planets are two signs apart, this is also a signal that this easy

compatibility is present.

For our example, we will use the Moon in Cancer and Venus in Taurus. Both

are at home in their own signs and blending these two gives a love of the

home and opportunities to “feather one’s nest” with much luxury.

This is a distinctly agreeable mixture.

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Square: This ninety-degree angle has some sharp edges. As a planet

attempts to exert its energy, there is a road block in the form of the planet in

a ninety degree relationship to it.

These two planets are struggling for dominance because they are both of the

same Mode. The stronger the planet is by sign or element, the more likely it

is to win the contest between these two disagreeing forces.

For example, Mars in Aries is in its own sign and element, ninety degrees

away from Venus in Capricorn.

Here, with Mars at home and Venus not in an entirely compatible sign, Mars


The natural tendency of Venus to placate and soften is stifled by the forceful

nature of Mars. Ninety degree angles are fraught with difficulty until a

method of using this challenging aspect is formulated by the native. The orb

of influence for this aspect can be as much as eight degrees to include all

planets that are from eighty-two to ninety-eight degrees apart.

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Trine: When two planets form an angle one hundred and twenty degrees

apart, they are said to trine one another. These are auspicious angles.

Since both planets will usually be found in the same element; either fire,

water, air or earth, the qualities of both planets dance to the same tune.

But, even if it is found that the elements are different (called an out of sign

trine), the energies can blend because the degree formed will always produce

harmonious vibrations at the very least.

For example: Jupiter in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Leo. The natural

enthusiasm and good-heartedness of Jupiter in Sagittarius will bring out the

brilliant shine of the Uranus in Leo.

These aspects have an orb of about eight degrees, so that anywhere from

one hundred and twelve to one hundred and twenty eight degrees separating

two planets will give them a familiar compatibility with one another.

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Opposition: The OPPOSITION aspect is like members of warring armies

facing one another in battle; someone has to lose.

Since both planets are in the same mode, causing a challenge, we will look to

the planet which is stronger by element or sign to dominate this pairing.

If both are equally powerful, a lifetime battle may ensue. For example; the

Moon in Cancer OPPOSITE Saturn in Capricorn: The war can be found at first

with the parents and, later on, in the natives own relationships. Since these

planets usually represent contradictory principles, some compromising of

basic principles is necessary to overcome this challenging face off.

This is true in any Moon/Saturn OPPOSITON regardless of the signs in which

they are placed.

The orb for the OPPOSITION aspect is ten degrees, so that any planet one

hundred and seventy to one hundred and ninety degrees away from another

will be in OPPOSITON aspect to it.

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Inconjunct: The INCONJUNCT aspect is formed by two planets one-hundred

and fifty degrees apart. These planets are usually not in the same element

or mode.

There is little which these two have in common. But, the angle is a powerful

one so they attempt to get along.

Many adjustments must be made in their innate way of expressing


For example; the Moon in Watery Pisces INCONJUNCT Neptune in Airy Libra.

This combination causes the emotional, shy Moon to adapt to the relationship

oriented, more intellectual Libra Neptune.

The adjustment might go something like this: A shy, rather introverted

native is compelled to interact with a large social club in order to participate

in the Poetry Study Club and Drama Group that will fulfill the fantasies of the

Piscean Moon and the need to be in the company of the socializing Neptune

in Libra.

Since Neptune and Pisces are related, there is a common bond that can be

formed. With the INCONJUNCT, some adjustment to inherent traits is


Allow a narrow 2-3 degree orb for this aspect.

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