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The sheer force of PLUTO’S violent eruptions drowned out whispers of shady


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I know PLUTO is not the threat it once was, because Uranus has figured out

how to do pretty much do all the same destructive things as PLUTO.

In addition, I hear this fact altered their relationship considerably. They

barely meet these days. Moreover, when they do, it is usually an awkward

mis-step and they pivot and spin in opposite directions.

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Chapter Two: The Signs

The Road the Planets Choose


First, we encounter ARIES. A planet choosing the ARIES road, will find itself on a Drag Raceway:

They have to be first. Winning is paramount - move quickly to the head of

the line.

Let us try out our friend, the Moon, on the drag raceway that is ARIES.

We know the Moon has its phases. If we are looking at the first quarter

Moon in high-spirited Aries, this, most likely, places the Sun in Capricorn.

Glancing back at the Moon fixing dinner, the First Quarter was when the

Moon ran into some obstacles.

We might infer from the previous chapter that, if the Moon were in a big

hurry because of her placement in ARIES, the whole meal would turn into a

burned, sticky mess!

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Compounding the problem would be the Capricorn Sun requiring her to pay

dearly for this disaster.

We see the Moon getting on the phone and ordering from a nearby

restaurant. The added expense for the wasted food and costly take-out

order causes the Moon to go over her budget and experience a financial crisis

later in the month.

This creates tension for the Moon, as she always likes to stay within her


When the Sun picks ARIES every spring, we see the speeded-up growth and

continuous blossoming of the early season flowers. The ARIES sun can be

viewed as somewhat precocious; always dipping into new sources of energy

to spur itself on to greater accomplishments.

As the sun enters ARIES in March, people usually re-evaluate their cars or

trucks. Maybe they need new tires for higher performance or their battery

just barely made it through the winter and demands replacement.

There is a surge in purchases seen at the car dealerships and parts stores.

Mechanics are booking more routine tune-ups, all because the consumer is

intent on improving the feats their cars can accomplish.

The Sun in ARIES is all about peak output. ARIES sun people are always

pushing themselves to achieve, to be first and to be best.

Mercury in ARIES answers your questions before you ask. They are eager to

read the last chapter in that steamy romance; a genre that appeals to their

highly-sexualized imagination. Mercury in ARIES likes Post-it® notes because they can quickly jot down the thoughts that speed through their minds before

another idea takes shape.

When a woman with Venus in ARIES enters a nightclub, she acts and dresses

as though she’s the main act on stage. Here, Venus gives into the glitzy,

sexy ARIES.

If she is wearing fishnet hose, a rhinestone on red halter and shiny black

mini skirt, you don’t even have to go online and check out her birth chart.

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She has Venus in ARIES. Similarly, men with Venus placed in ARIES find

that “in your face” style quite a turn-on.

Man your positions! Full speed ahead! This is Mars in ARIES. There are new

battles to be fought daily. Mars in ARIES is in its own element. The high

energy accompanying this placement can accomplish tremendous amounts of

work. The Mars in ARIES individual works extremely hard all day and slips

into bed at night eager to play.

If Jupiter is located on the ARIES speedway, the individual finds an eagerness

for life’s experience that sometimes foregoes higher education. Their motto

should be Live and Learn. They make some of the finest mechanics,

technicians and surgical aides. They keep expanding their knowledge of the

job years after they have mastered the skill.

Saturn in ARIES tends to demand perfection. Being first becomes being first

with the best laid-out plan. Strangely, inertia can strike these individuals.

They find the slightest bit of oil on their car engine and refuse to enter the

race. They never trust their exactingly thought-through plan for action.

In this sense, they probably make great planners, but the fear of a slight

mistake prevents them from taking the action necessary once the plan is

completed. A “back to the drawing board” mentality, constantly nags at


It takes about eighty-four years for Uranus to move through all twelve signs.

So, this is very much a generation placement (all people born during each

seven year span will have Uranus in the same sign).

During the seven years Uranus spends in Aries, some of the most advanced

and surprising innovations happen in the area of automobiles. Inventors of

breathtaking concepts in automotive engineering can be found with this


It also serves well for the Generals planning military battles. Their brilliant

strategies to conquer the enemy sometimes find their way into military

history annals.

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Being a slow mover, Neptune is a bit out of its element in the fast-moving

lane ARIES presents. Neptune’s navigation usually involves large bodies of

water or fog-laden countryside.

The question is how quickly can they really be traversed?

Or, is it even wise to attempt a speedy crossing?

Since Neptune hasn’t been in ARIES for over one hundred years, our first-

hand knowledge is absent about this placement.

As with Neptune, Pluto takes its own good time moving through the signs.

We wouldn’t be badly served if we glanced back into history for salient

examples of both Neptune and Pluto in ARIES as these placements will be

coming up again in the next fifty or sixty years.

My musings on Pluto in ARIES, conjure up visions of nations burning through

mountains of the public’s money.

I see armies using devious, underhanded tactics to win wars.

Cars? Maybe they truly will run on water! But, what’s in the water? And will

it be rationed? Hum………..

Here we are back observing the Moon who has embarked on the TAURUS

thoroughfare. She has her prettiest apron on while she carefully washes her

hand-painted bone china (dinner service for twelve). She smiles,

remembering the compliments that she received when she used it for the

highly successful family gathering yesterday.

She wanted to spend the last bit of time with the relatives, so she only rinsed

and stacked the dinnerware last night.

As comfortable as the Moon is when she’s in TAURUS, she’s expected to have

a big bank account.

She acknowledges that she must have the top-of-the-line provisions and you

can’t always find them on the close-out counter!

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Flowers, flowers everywhere! It must be May! When the Sun ambles down

the road much is in bloom. The sun is displaying its most fertile, attractive


Taureans are all about beauty and appearance. But, just as the flowers

require feeding and pruning to remain at their peak, the TAURUS native

needs to be well fed and comfortable in their surroundings in order to reach

their peak.

An ideal evening for sensual TAURUS would be slipping into their silk robe,

donning fluffy warm socks and relaxing in their leather easy chair. Oh, and

shut the phones off for them.

Mercury may need a push to get on to the TAURUS thoroughfare. They may

want to stop for a snack before actually pulling onto the road. But, once the

trip starts, they are in it for the long haul. This won’t be a sight-seeing

venture. And don’t even suggest an alternate route! This is the map! Just

follow it! And don’t exceed the speed limit. Mercury in TAURUS has allotted

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a measured timetable and will arrive at their destination at the agreed-upon

moment. Oh, and don’t forget the extra soft back cushion for the driver.

Talk about dimpled darlings! When Venus in TAURUS is presented for her

coming out party, we see all the charm and beauty that personifies the sign

TAURUS. All the foregoing comes with a price! Expect weekly facials and

manicures. A beauty mask will be found in the Venus-in-TAURUS

Chippendale table, next to the King-sized bed.

The costly designer clothes hanging in all three of their closets may be a few

years old, but they wreak of timeless elegance and fine taste.

Venus in TAURUS is also not fond of one-night stands. They attract the

wealthiest, best educated prospects and proceed on to marrying upwards.

Mars struggles to get let on to the TAURUS thoroughfare. Mars is used to

speeding up and passing around anyone not moving up to speed. Mars

questions; “What’s all this letting the person on the left go first?” TAURUS, if

anything, is an agreeable sign. Mars wants to win, period. TAURUS asks “win

what - first place in the graveyard? No, thank you, I’ll move at my pace.”

Mars is slowed down by the style and elegance TAURUS infuses. TAURUS

asks why buy a racy sports car? Don’t you want to be comfortable? Mars in

TAURUS may also have large sensual appetites, but the courses are taken


As Jupiter ambles into TAURUS, with preconceived notions firmly in place, we

see them choosing a transcontinental flight for this trip. That will give them

plenty of time to go over the lecture they will be giving in the upcoming

semester. These aren’t new ideas Jupiter will be presenting, but the

audience will be fresh.

For the past twenty-five years Jupiter has been lecturing on the botanical

significances in contrasting philosophies. Each semester, new faces find

fascination with the same well-worn ideas. Jupiter in TAURUS won’t break

new ground in their field. But, they will provide a pleasant diversion for

hungry minds.

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If you’ve ever had a banker turn you down for a loan, you are already

acquainted with Saturn in TAURUS. He pats his perfectly layered (possibly

dyed) head of hair, and confides that you have over extended your credit-line

and future attempts at using it will be denied. Saturn in TAURUS reminds us,

sometimes a bit sternly, that we must live within our means! This is a grim,

but repeated, message for the person with Saturn in TAURUS. If they learn

from it, Saturn in TAURUS will provide a steady flow of cash.

When Uranus was last seen taking the yellow brick road through TAURUS, it

was in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. Sudden earth-shattering events

were happening throughout Europe. But Uranus, being very subdued and

sluggish in TAURUS, allowed people to ignore (or maybe smooth over) these


Uranus can’t show its most startling and dynamic effects while in TAURUS.

It’s too comfortable and this is only harmonious with the density of the

planet, not to its sudden shocking movement!

Now, we are exploring Neptune as it chooses TAURUS to cross its covered

bridge. Taurus has put on a few pounds lately and, if Neptune loads too

much more baggage into Taurus’ trunk, the bridge may give way and splash

down into the murky river.

No weight limits are posted, so it is unsure what might happen. The bridge

appeared to be the ideal way to cross over the deep river below, but Neptune

really can’t assure TAURUS that this will be safe.

All the charm of the quaint, covered bridge has dissolved by the time

TAURUS gets up there for a closer look. TAURUS, being a practical sign,

refuses to take on this extra, highly impractical, guest. “Sometimes, all you

can do for Neptune is not get yourself sucked into their dreamy, impractical

plans,” TAURUS mutters as he drives away.

It has been a long time since Pluto beckoned TAURUS to engage on a trip

through the old Blue Ridge Tunnel. Since it won’t be coming up for quite

some time, TAURUS assumed Pluto would be back in jail by then and so he

absent mindedly agreed to the venture.

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As TAURUS confides to his friends and family that he has made these plans,

some of the history of the Tunnel comes out through these conversations.

Does TAURUS want to be knee-deep in stagnant water?

How about the giant species of rodents that populate the place? Will those be

to his liking?

It is no use!

Every time TAURUS attempts to have a friendly relationship with Pluto, it

turns in to a fight for survival. Nevertheless, Pluto has always returned to

TAURUS each time with new schemes. Actually, the rumor is that TAURUS,

through his influential position on several boards, started the movement to

demote Pluto years before their planned, upcoming meeting.

We can reflect backward to the latter part of the nineteenth century when

Pluto last hooked up with TAURUS. Check it out to familiarize yourself with

famous people born during that time and the events that shaped the period.

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Here we are, back on the Moon. She will select GEMINI for her vehicle this


As we go to the kitchen, we see the GEMINI Moon preparing the meal. She

picks two entrees; an airy, egg-white only mushroom quiche and a tasty

chicken and grape salad.

She is using up the last of the baked chicken she made a few days ago. In

addition, if she does not do something with the mushrooms soon, they will

begin to deteriorate.

She also takes the grapes from the fruit arrangement she has had on the

table all week.

GEMINI Moon does not have abundant energy or resources for domestic


The phone rings constantly, and she stops to chat for a while. Then, the mail

carrier comes to the door, and she needs to sign for a package. He turns to

leave and she remembers to hand him a birthday card addressed to her twin


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Yes, regrettably, she will be a year older. However, for some years now,

their age has been a shared secret. They decided jointly to remain young as

long as they can!

When the Sun pops in to GEMINI, the bees dart from flower bloom to bud,

passing on the necessary ingredients for successful pollination. Similarly, the

GEMINI sun person successfully passes on bits of information gleaned in their


Sometimes it just gossip that they spread but, at other times, important facts

and rumors are forthcoming from the communicative GEMINI sun.

E-mail was created for them as well as instant messaging. Getting out the

word is a job befitting the GEMINI. If you want the whole world to know

about your latest accomplishment, you need only tell a GEMINI; they will

broadcast it for you.

The newspaper and blog arenas are populated with GEMINI types, eager to

pass along information and opinions they have gleaned from others.

Swift moving Mercury is in its element in GEMINI. If you need a speaker for

your club meeting, call on a member with Mercury in GEMINI. They will

amuse and inform without digging in too deep. They usually have enough

knowledge of almost any subject to fill a fifteen to thirty minute talk and find

a way to promote their latest book or magazine article at the same time.

Mercury in GEMINI likes to accomplish two things at the same time. They

can talk on the phone while reading and answering their abundant emails.

Try it sometime; it is not as easy as they make it look!

Venus in GEMINI takes on a sportier, asexual wardrobe. In their closet (that

used to be an unused hallway), they both hang and stack flat the jeans,

pants, blazers and round-neck tees that comprise their day to day attire.

The always seem to have a couple of interested suitors on the line. They

have been known to date identical twins, at the same time! No one but

Venus in GEMINI could focus on the subtle differences between them to know

exactly which twin they were with.

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If conversation and light gossip is important in your relationships, there’s no

better companion than Venus in GEMINI.

GEMINI Mars has a highly aggressive flirting technique. They use it from the

first moment you meet them. However, like the industrious bee, when they

have won you over, it is on to the next conquest.

Usually, they will offer to pick you up in their car. This gives you a chance to

take in all the dashboard gadgets. Their navigation system is absolutely

state of the art. An extra cell phone is built into the console. This phone has

call-back and recording features, while holding in its memory photos of the

one hundred or so most recent callers. It very much resembles a telephonic

VCR if there were one.

There is no sense wasting energy not liking the Mars in GEMINI because he is

gone as quickly as he buzzed in.

When Jupiter steps onto the GEMINI path he gets a little confused, there is

so much to take in. Jupiter cannot choose between an Ivy League University

and the more sheltered environment of a parochial system. There are

advantages to both.

But, once he decides on the parochial college, the next problem is that he

doesn’t want to go that deeply into any religion. He just wants an objective

overview of all religions.

He stumbles through history and science, vaguely remembering snippets

here and there. What does all this concentrated learning have to do with him

becoming the owner of a Ferrari dealership?

All through his sophomore year, he spends weekends flying across the

country to Las Vegas trying to beat the dealer at blackjack. If this goes on

much longer, his trust will start to negatively amortize!

So, he sits down for a few minutes at the five-dollar slot machine. He pumps

a total of three thousand dollars into it.

When he gets up and starts walking away he realizes he left his room key

next to the slot he was playing. He retraces his steps only to find a Japanese

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tourist jumping up and down in front of the one armed bandit he just left.

They hit the Progressive Jackpot for $377,000.00 on HIS machine! Tough


He reaches into the side of the machine where he left his room key. There’s

nothing there.

There is the lesson for Jupiter in GEMINI. Be very appreciative of what you

are exposed to and endowed with; save it, hang on to it, let it grow.

There isn’t always more out there for the Jupiter-in-GEMINI individual!

I am pretty well versed on Saturn in GEMINI. My father had it, my

grandfather had it and I too have Saturn in GEMINI.

Initially, none of us were able to finish our education, and probably

appreciated our higher learning more, because we struggled obtaining it.

Since it takes twenty-eight to thirty years for Saturn to cover all twelve

signs, most people reach mental maturity when Saturn returns for the first

time to the position it was in at your birth.

Much is written about this critical time in one’s life. Saturn’s lessons in

GEMINI usually relate back to early education, responsibility for a sibling or

siblings, or difficulties with daily transportation.

When Uranus enters GEMINI for its customary seven-year visit, there can be

sweeping changes in the way we teach our children. In addition, folks born

with this placement of Uranus tend to be more radical and innovative in

creating their syllabus, and in their teaching techniques.

Their own primary education may have been sporadic, interrupted or


Pitchblende, a radioactive mineral, is important commercially only for its use

in making Uranium. Similarly, these two products are closely akin to the

planet Uranus. Their main usefulness is their explosive ability.

Applying that explosive ability is how I like to describe the effects of Uranus.

Wherever it touches another planet or inhabits a sign, things relating to that

Copyright © 2008 by Roberta Chapin

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Planet or Sign are highly explosive and subject to major disruption. And, due

to the radioactive quality existent, any affected planets can mutate into

something much greater or on a larger scale than they were previously.

With Neptune in GEMINI, there is usually some deceptive communication.

Everyday conversations can become vehicles for illusory storytelling. The

classroom can become a place where children are not given information.

They are taught idealized concepts that have no foundation in the truth.

The vehicle GEMINI chooses here will resemble the Titanic. However, it is

only ideas that are collapsing and drowning from hitting the cold harsh reality

of the iceberg.

While I was attending an Astrological Convention in San Francisco many

years ago, I met friends for lunch in between my scheduled lectures/classes.

I confided to these astrologically-savvy ladies that I was in love! However,

as I went on to explain, the object of my desire had Pluto in GEMINI. They

all roared out laughter!

They were aware that Pluto had not been in GEMINI since the turn from the

nineteenth to the twentieth century. That would make my ideal man fifty or

so years older than me!

In light of his maturity, my affection turned to pure admiration. I had

attended his lecture on Sabian Symbol Delineation. Throughout my years of

studying and attending seminars, no-one has displayed the depth of

knowledge that this gentleman possessed. He scaled the heights and

plumbed the depths of every topic he chose.

Marc Edmond Jones, to me, personifies the brilliant mind of this

author/lecturer that can be associated with Pluto in GEMINI.

Copyright © 2008 by Roberta Chapin


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Oh, goody! We are watching the Moon in CANCER preparing for the family

to come dine and visit. She is the baby of the family and was always her

mother’s favorite.

She learned all mom's special recipes by heart. Her tablecloth is made from

the baby pictures of her older siblings she’s collected through the years. She

copied them on her home computer and then printed them out on picture

quality paper. She then assembled and glued them onto a piece of oil cloth

cut to the size and shape of her enormous antique dining room table.

She opened the windows above the oversized buffet and applied two or three

coats of polyurethane to the entire collage. She will serve her oldest

brother's favorite meal; turkey and herb seasoned dressing, just like mom

used to make.

The candied sweet potatoes will be done just the way her sisters like them.

And, the freshly baked apple pie is for her youngest brother who she fondly

recalls has quite a sweet tooth. “Home, Sweet Home” is music to Moon in

CANCER’S ears.

Just when summer begins in the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun enters the

sign CANCER. This is when Mother Nature is her most fertile. Similarly, men

and women born in this sun sign learn early where babies come from, and

want to get started being parents quite young.

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The sun may be just a bit too bright for the CANCER native though. They

prefer the soft shimmering moonlight. With the sun shining directly on them

they turn shy, and can crawl into a shell, unwilling to be drawn out until


An ideal outing for the Cancerian is a well-chosen, but out of the way,


Topics should be focused on their mother, their children or their home-based

business during the meal. Any conversation about taxes or bills should be

off-limits. These sensitive areas can cause a CANCER individual to

experience pain in their thin-skinned stomach.

Androgynous Mercury, if located in maternal Cancer, gets somewhat soggy

and sentimental.

Hopefully, persons with this placement can be put to work writing the

advertisements for the Real Estate section of the newspaper. Every home

will be found to have some charming attribute or another. These folks

remember birthdays, anniversaries and, most importantly, Mother’s Day.

Why is your halter staring into my eyes? All over the world, men with Venus

in CANCER want to know the answer! The females born with Venus in

CANCER wear the clothes and styles that naturally enhance the upper female


They know instinctively that breasts can attract admirers as well as nurture

infants. Both men and women tend to cling fiercely to lovers, family and all

things domestic. Treat them gently; they’re going to be around a while.

When Mars zooms into CANCER, its engine takes on water. This results in

some steamy scenes! You may think that you have your three-car garage

out there to store your cars, but this native has their own plans.

Mars in CANCER dominates the homestead. Subtly, but ever so surely, the

home becomes THEIR castle. The frequent arguments in the home that

sometimes play out are due to the domestic strife associated with having

Mars in CANCER in your birth chart.

Copyright © 2008 by Roberta Chapin

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I have some advice for Mars in CANCER natives: Buy lots of property

insurance, a reliable home alarm system and make sure to change your

batteries in the smoke detectors.

Your home may be the most dangerous place you ever enter.

Jupiter feels very much at home in the sign CANCER. I have voted these

folks the most likely to benefit from family endowments. Their mothers

strive to get them a higher education and a more comfortable home of their


This applies also to those who are lucky enough to have Jupiter in any sign in

close proximity to the moon in their birth chart. Jupiter in CANCER bestows

full cupboards whether they hold food, china, understanding, wisdom or


It is a most bountiful placement.

Look out for Uranus as it rumbles into CANCER. Homes break up, mothers

are cranky and dissatisfied, and everything seems to be microwaveable. But,

using radiation (a product of Uranium) to treat one of the most common

diseases (CANCER), can be beneficial, if a bit harsh.

Since Uranus inhabits each sign for seven years, major housing booms and

busts will be seen during these periods. The same applies to individuals who

have Uranus closely related to the home loving Moon in their horoscope.

This might be the time to check out the USA horoscope.

Copyright © 2008 by Roberta Chapin


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Horoscope of the United States of America

Copyright © 2008 by Roberta Chapin

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Neptune inhabiting CANCER takes us to a softer, gentler time. This is the

mother without the flaws, as seen through the cloudy film that is Neptune.

On Neptune, CANCERIAN moms don’t reveal their possibly tainted past to

their offspring. And, no matter what, her husband's name is on all their birth


One serious downside to this otherwise pleasant placement is associated with

tainted food, drugs or liquor. Cleanliness in preparation may be lacking or

the recipe/mixture amounts are blurred.

The same is true when Neptune is traveling in close proximity to the Moon.

When Pluto was observed in the sky for the first time, it was in the sign

representing the common people, CANCER. This was during the world-wide

depression of the 1930’s.

Studies have been done on who the greedy culprits were that profited during

this devastating era. But, I don’t think it‘s too late for historians to start

fresh research into some of the lesser known, but equally culpable, villains of

the time period.

Pluto in CANCER displayed its most devastating impact on the family. As

homes were foreclosed and fathers jumped from twenty-story windows,

mothers were forced into illegal or degrading jobs to feed their young


The above scenario plays out, on some level, for persons having Pluto in

close contact to the Moon in their own chart.

Copyright © 2008 by Roberta Chapin


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Showmanship and generosity are on display when the Moon is found in LEO.

Let’s go back to the kitchen while the Moon in LEO is grandly putting together

the annual family ritual.

She will be too busy creating just the right impression in the home to actually

cook the meal. She couldn’t possibly have enough energy to do it all!

A discrete phone call to her favorite caterer will ensure the food will be

delivered in enough time so it can transferred to her own gold-trimmed

serving pieces that are at the ready.

A few years ago, she purchased a rather pricey stove with a generous

warming oven just for these occasions.

The elegant dinnerware matches the gold trimmed serving pieces. Not that

she will actually be serving the food. She has lined up a young gentleman

who works for her County Club’s restaurant to do the actual serving and

cleaning up.

He’s such an athletic looking young man, maybe he’d be interested in staying

late to keep her company after he’s finished with the dishes.

Enjoy, LEO Moon, Enjoy!

Copyright © 2008 by Roberta Chapin

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The Sun comes veritably dancing into LEO. Here he is at home near the end

of July.

This time of year, symbolically resonates with the warmth and fun displayed

by our LEO friends.

Vacations abound.

The children are out of school and playing from morning till dark.

Like the Lion released from his lair, Leo takes off for two or three weeks to

prowl in search of some enjoyment.

This is usually the best time of the year for school children. They know they

still have another month until it is back to the books. They are anxious to go

to the amusement parks, family barbecue and picnics.

If only all this fun and games could last all year long. That is the only lament

you’re likely hear from our Sunny Leos.

Royal families are also equated with the Sign LEO. The lavish expenditures,

magnificent jewelry, crowns and flamboyant rituals akin to royalty are also

associated with LEO.

The Mercury in LEO native, being innately bright, knows how to pass the

exams without studying. Part of it is their cheerful disposition; the teacher

likes them.

So, if their handwriting isn’t legible, the teacher may assume they know the

answer. In other words, they are cut some slack other Mercury placements

only dream about.

The Mercury in LEO would much rather be outside playing soccer or football.

In fact, games of any sort are probably the easiest way to teach these

natives. Just give them a scrabble game, monopoly (or even dice) and they

will learn rapidly.

They will most likely be found in the drama class, taking the lead in the

school play. They are born entertainers and salesmen.

Copyright © 2008 by Roberta Chapin

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They rarely experience the bouts of depression that can afflict other Mercury


Keep on the Sunny Side, Mercury in LEO.

As we look in on our Venus in LEO, she is applying lotion to her coppery skin,

tanned from a relentless pursuit of the sun’s rays.

She adorns her neck and throat with an elaborate twenty-four carat, solid

gold chain. Next, she fastens on the matching earrings and wiggles into a

shimmering tawny lame’ dress. She slips her bronzed feet into dazzling

yellow sling back heels. Her thick auburn tresses fall gracefully onto her bare


Our Venus in LEO is ready for plenty of fun and excitement tonight at the

casino. That one muscular dealer at the blackjack table always seems to

turn-up a winning hand for her. She has been very generous with her tips,

and has been rewarded accordingly.

Life is so much fun, she muses, as she saunters on to the elevator. Her

husband of fifteen years is a Middle Eastern Prince. He will be joining her for

their get-away tomorrow.

There was a meeting regarding some of his massive oil holdings, and he

wasn’t able to connect up with the regular pilot for his private jet until

tomorrow morning. Ah, yes, Venus in LEO life IS good!

When Mars speeds into LEO, there is always “a little action”. These natives

like to gamble. Whether it’s the ball game or a stock's price, they enjoy

following it more if they have a bet on the outcome.

This is a fiery placement. Professions dealing with fire will appeal to them.

They are able to protect others from the flames while exposing themselves to

the risks involved. Daring firefighters and forest rangers are often found with

Mars in LEO.

Be more careful, Mars in LEO, you’re way too much fun to lose.

College Deans and Chairmen of the Alumnae are often found to have Jupiter

placed in LEO in the horoscope. It might be their gregarious manner that

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"Astrological Latte" by Roberta Chapin Page 48 of 118

wins them the top posts. Or, it could be the fabulous parties they use to

entertain colleagues. All the schmoozing that comes naturally to them is

often rewarded with the top posts.

I once knew a woman with Saturn in LEO. During the course of our

association, she was continually bringing cases against the three Amusement

Parks in our vicinity. She had a burning desire to make the parks pay for any

slight or injury incurred by fun-loving visitors. Perhaps she felt that

enjoyment has its price.

She also frowned on one of our mutual acquaintances who had seven

children and an extravagant lifestyle. The Saturn in LEO felt those seven

children should be taught some discipline and hard work, not chauffeured

from one fun activity to another!

“Ya’ big meanie!!!” Saturn in LEO.

When Uranus is in LEO, “Heads will roll”. Enter; the new manager from back

east that swiftly comes in and fires all the department supervisors. Change

is in the wind.

“If it ain’t broke, break it” is their motto.

With these slower moving outer planets, much will depend on the personal

relevance and planetary connections associated with the long term


Therefore, the foregoing generally applies to the charts with a more highly

relevant Uranus in LEO /Sun in Aquarius or other hard Uranian contact with

the Sun.

During Neptune’s dance through LEO, glamour is emphasized. These were

the “Golden Days” of filmmaking. The dreamy perfect world depicted on the

big screen anesthetized audiences to their own misfortune.

Who’s minding the store? It won’t be at all clear while hazy Neptune floats

across LEO.

All that glitters is not gold when Neptune takes up residence in Leo. Much of

this will apply to persons with their Sun aligned with Neptune.

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Heads of government and businesses aren’t very different from crooks and

gangsters. At least, that is how it is perceived by Pluto in LEO. They both

forcibly take your money and give nothing but misery and domination in


Pluto was residing in Leo during much of the 1940’s and 1950’s. This is by

no means when all the criminals took over big business and government, but

this era paved the road for legitimization of racketeers.

We will always see similarly inclined “Chairmen of the Board” whenever Pluto

is in a close relationship with the Sun. This is as true in the entertainment

industry as it is on K Street and Wall Street.

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Once more, we return to the Moon. This time she is in exacting, health

conscious VIRGO. She vigorously scrubbed, chopped and crisped all the

vegetables the previous day and stored everything in sealed containers.

There will be no rich gravies or sauces on this lady’s table, only vitamin

fortified freshly blended juices, poached salmon, brown rice with sesame oil

and a large veggie tray with a non fat yogurt-dill dip.

She baked some fresh bran muffins using currants and cranberries and

drizzled a small amount of carob icing over them to serve with Sanka after


If only her sister would take a few classes in nutrition, she wouldn’t have to

be constantly crash dieting. And, that older brother of her's with those

smelly after-dinner cigars! Well, he’ll just have to go outside with that!

She refilled the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom next to the sink. No

sense in spreading any germs today. Health authorities say that the most

prevalent time for passing on sickness is at family gatherings, so she’s

supplying paper plates, napkins and disposable cutlery too.

Chill out, my adorable VIRGO Moon, just chill.

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When the Sun is in Virgo in late August and through the first three weeks or

so of September, it’s time to clean up all the bounty created by the last few


Flowers need to be tied back, clipped back, covered or mulched over. The

same goes for the vegetable garden. So much work, so little time.

But Virgo will execute the process with precision. All jobs will be done in an

orderly and exacting manner.

It’s a good thing that the Sun chose to move into Virgo when it did. All the

abundance of the preceding signs needs to be scaled back and properly


Natives of the Sun in Virgo, are capable of enormous work, especially when

creative functions cease and the grinding labor begins. They have a

dedication to the task unsurpassed by any other sun sign. They know their

job (as well as every one else’s) and they stick to it until completion.

It would be an over cultivated, unkempt, disorganized world if the Sun in

VIRGO decided to inhabit somewhere else.

God, bless these hard-working souls.

Mercury glides through VIRGO, with too many questions and an answer for

everything. This is a busy and productive mind. We don’t find learning quite

the way we would like it though.

Usually, those with their Mercury placed in VIRGO think they know it all


Mostly, they are right!

I visualize a hard-working accountant that has been keeping track of his own

family’s budget since he was a young adult. There is an inordinate talent for

keeping track of all the details. Messy apartment, maybe, but the minds of

these natives are perfectly in order.

What is the wrong opinion? And why would anyone think it of you? These

are two underlying questions people often want to ask of Venus in VIRGO.

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This is because they are obsessed with not wanting to create the wrong

impression. More than any other placement of Venus, these folks measure

good grooming by how much time is spent in the bathroom. Once they have

sparkling clean, fresh smelling hair, a body scrubbed from head to toe,

impeccable fingernails and teeth that have been thoroughly brushed and

flossed, then and only then will they be ready to spend the last five minutes

putting on the brown tweed outfit, buttoned up to the neck and some sturdy


Oh, lipstick? No, thank you! What would people think!

The Mars engine purrs with mechanical perfection as it glides into VIRGO.

This is energy management at its extreme. If you think there’s a need for an

efficiency expert in your factory or office, hire a Mars in VIRGO individual.

He will prod all positions into peak performance. Precision to detail is also

most pronounced.

Skilled craftsmen (especially those who need to own their own tools) abound

with Mars placed in VIRGO. Building contractors with Mars in VIRGO always

know the right person for each step of the process and will have inspected

their work before ever hiring them for their own projects.

As Mars in VIRGO loads up his hybrid pick-up truck at the end of the day, he

takes pride in another hard day's work.

Nice job, Mars in VIRGO.

Jupiter is somewhat stifled and cramped in VIRGO. Jupiter has very big

ideas, VIRGO analysis finds fault with most of them. Grand sweeping plans

can be whittled away into small utilitarian projects.

These folks can be found in travel agencies, planning every excruciating

detail for you. If you want a vacation without ANY surprises, these are the

ones to plan your trip.

The Commissioner of Civil Service for a nearby city has this placement. She

is patient and thorough, examining the educational credentials and prior work

references for prospective city employees. She has never been late for work

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or missed a day. And, she is suspicious of those applying for work if they

have any prior history of tardiness or absenteeism. There is no such thing as

purposefully planned, well thought out sheer luck; this is the dichotomy for

the Jupiter in VIRGO individual.

Watching Saturn in VIRGO is much like watching paint dry. And, those

bestowed with this placement are every bit as exciting. They are punctual,

abstemious, quite thrifty and not above foregoing lunch to finish up a project

at work.

They take their occupation very seriously, and their impeccable habits usually

favor them for the climb to leadership in their profession. They are no

strangers to long hours and low wages. They have usually started near the

bottom of the business ladder and, through their hard work and ceaseless

attention to minor details, they obtain small but significant promotions until

they reach the executive level.

The top position usually eludes them, since it would be bestowed on a more

congenial, more popular peer.

Nothing can personify Uranus in VIRGO for me like the freeing of slaves.

Although Uranus was not in VIRGO when the African slaves were freed in the

United States, there is the symbolism of this placement throughout the

history of serfdom.

There is a tendency with Uranus in VIRGO to do whatever is expedient.

During this last go-round with Uranus in VIRGO, roughly the years 1962 to

1970, moral equivalency reared its head big-time.

Many of the social injustices that had been culturally ingrained in the USA

were overthrown or challenged to their core. Mostly, this affected African

Americans and women; both had been treated by the law as second-class


Presently, Uranus is visiting VIRGO’S opposite; Pisces, but more on that


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While Neptune was courteously visiting VIRGO, healthcare professionals were

seen as Florence Nightingale and Dr. Kildare; sacrificing themselves trying to

care for ill people and divining the course of treatment.

Florence Nightingale is now believed to have suffered from Chronic Fatigue

Syndrome. This disease had been thought of for years as nothing more than


This is typical of the dichotomous hazy link between Neptune’s imaginary

ailments and VIRGO’S obsession with the work ethic.

Pluto’s transit of VIRGO makes me think of the organization of Civil Servants

and restaurant employees; labor unions (Pluto) organizing masses of workers


The forty-something’s today were born when Pluto was occupying VIRGO. As

they entered the work force, the saying “Work is a four-letter word” was

validated. This group, more than any other before it, was poorly equipped to

put forth the sustained effort to succeed purely on their own merits.

They prefer to get pay raises automatically tied to the standard of living. If a

larger increase is needed, they will move on to another employer who is

willing to lure them away with the promise of a higher salary and better


Those with Pluto in VIRGO will rarely be found working for the same company

their entire career.

Job hopping is the name of the game.

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It’s time again to peek in at the Moon. This time, she will be pleasantly

residing in LIBRA.

She has one of her frilly aprons on as she whips up the Quiche Lorraine.

She’s already arranged the shrimp in lovely rows on the hors-d’œuvre table

next to the fruit and cheese sampler.

Her older sister will be bringing her new husband and LIBRA moon is so glad

she’s finally gotten married! It’s a must, she thinks, if you want true

happiness. She would be lost without her own hubby.

The seating was an important consideration when LIBRA moon started

planning this event. She harmoniously chose male, female rotation around

the table. She had to do some juggling to make it come out right, what with

her younger brother just going through a divorce, and baby sister’s latest

significant other not really hitting it off with too many in the family.

This is going to be a congenial gathering, no matter what. LIBRA moon

doesn’t like any friction.

“Keep the peace”, sweet LIBRA moon.

After the bountiful harvest that was the Sun in Virgo, we witness the less-

energized Sun in LIBRA.

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Plants aren’t bursting into bloom anymore. The leaves are losing their dark

green hue. It is autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and LIBRA sun

symbolizes the reduction in energy emitted by that planet at the close of


LIBRA Sun natives are less energetic, than any of the previous signs. They

rely heavily on a partner to complete their tasks and their life. It takes so

much of their energy to put in a good appearance that they don’t have much

left for difficult, physical labor.

Their minds are usually very active and they will be found behind the desk or

in front of the computer screen leaving the manual labor to more energized


They don’t suffer from a lack of friends and admirers. The energy they

invested in picking the right wardrobe and keeping up their appearance

mobilizes them for the more social aspects of their career.