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This book, like everything I’ve ever accomplished to date, is the result of team effort,
support and the positive attitudes of those that are near and dear to my heart. I extend the
deepest gratitude to the following:
My children, Katie, Nikki and Jessie whom, never fail to make me proud on their travels
through life and constant efforts to believe and achieve.
Louise Hise and her children Gary, Jim, Steve, Linda and Ginny; An Irish Catholic family
that taught me the value of appreciating that inner circle of family and the importance of
support, understanding and making time to be there.
My fiancé Ginny: Without her support, backing, understanding and positive
encouragement, I’d have never made the time to complete this goal.
To the lawyers, their firms and professional guidance upon which I relied to provide a
basic framework to inspire you the reader, an understanding of the importance to plan for
the untimely arrival of the unforeseen and predictabilities.
To the government agencies and U.S. Organizations that allowed me to use their research
to inspire look-forward actions needed to care for our loved ones and subsequent heirs.
To you, the reader, who has faced the realities that life so often, ends before we are ready.