Asset Protection Crash Course HTML version

Before proceeding please watch the following 8 minute video:
The Need for Asset Protection & Privacy
Section 1: The Current Landscape (Battlefield)
Out of control lawsuits
Bloated government with an ever-increasing appetite.
Advancing Socialism
Insane over-regulation
Section 2: Economic Slavery
The Middle Class Treadmill
Hidden inflation guarantees failure
"Debt is good" - another lie
Anesthetized Society
Section 3: Solutions
Asset Protection for Current and Future Wealth
Why a Bank may be the Worst Place For Your Money
Set Up Your Own Virtual Bank Account
Take Action
We live in a dangerous world. What you do not know can hurt you.
The purpose of this report is to help you to better understand and protect yourself
from the many dangers that threaten your economic survival.
Section 1
The Current Landscape (Battlefield)