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Sara Sharratt

Feminist Psychology and Global Issues: An Action Agenda


Anne Anderson

Interview with Gabrielle Kirk McDonald,

President of the International Criminal Tribunal

for the Former Yugoslavia


Sara Sharratt

Interview with Elizabeth Odio Benito, Justice of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia


Sara Sharratt

Interview with Patricia Viseur-Sellers, Legal Officer

on Gender Issues


Sara Sharratt

The Foca Indictment by the International Criminal Tribunal

for the Former Yugoslavia


Sara Sharratt

Beyond War Hierarchies: Belgrade Feminists' Experience

Working with Female Survivors of War


Lepa Mladjenovic

Confusing Realities and Lessons Learned in Wartime:

Supporting Women's Projects in the Former Yugoslavia


Ingrid Foeken

Traumatized Women Working with Traumatized Women:

Reflections upon Life and Work in a War Zone


Gabriele Kramer

War, Life Crisis and Trauma: Assessing the Impact

of a Women-Centered Training Program in Bosnia


Sabine Scheffler

Agnes Miichele

The Burden Left My Heart: Psycho-Social Services

Among Refugee Women in Zenica and Tuzla,

Bosnia-Herzegovina During the War


Berit Schei

Solveig Dahl

Sympathy for the Devil: Thinking About Victims

and Perpetrators After Working in Serbia


Anja Meulenbelt

Some Pitfalls for Effective Caregiving in a War Region


Edita Ostodic




Sara Sharratt, PhD, is Professor Emerita of Marriage and Family Counseling at Sonoma State University in California and has been actively involved in the development and application of feminist therapy since its inception. Born and raised in Costa Rica, she has also been active in multi-cultural psychology with a particular emphasis on Spanish-speaking clients in the US and in Costa Rica. For the last four years, she has focused on international human rights with an emphasis on the rights of women and currently resides in the Hague.

Ellyn Kaschak, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at San Jose State University in San Jose, California. She is the author of Engendered Lives: A New Psychology of Women's Experience, as well as numerous articles and chapters on feminist psychology and psychotherapy. She has had thirty years of experience practicing psychotherapy, is past Chair of the Feminist Therapy Institute and of the APA Committee on Women and is a Fellow of Division 35, the Psychology of Women, Division 12, Clinical Psychology, and Division 45, Ethnic Minority Issues of the American Psychological Association.


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