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Century after century mankind has heard the voice of the Prophets, Saints, Ascended Masters, Sages, Archangels, Mediums, Seers, and the like.

All have spoken on the same theme. Prophecy is just a warning of what may come to pass if mankind doesn‟t make positive changes. These changes involve the greater good of themselves and of Mother Earth.

They say there can be spectacular advancement in the areas of spiritual development and scientific knowledge/technology. Or there can be great catastrophes through; wars, disease, famine, drought, terrorism, hurricanes, and global warming to name only a few.

In other chapters you will be told how to make the necessary changes in your current life path to attain ascension.


Change of any true meaning must begin with the individual self. Then one can make a positive impact upon the world they live in. Dwell within and expand your true spiritual power and you will affect change on a higher physical and spiritual level. Seek to rediscover the lost spiritual laws of the great source of life, the Creator of All.

Mankind‟s past actions, our karmic debt, have set us on the destructive path we now face. We will make the necessary changes or we won‟t. Thus leaving us open to a wonderful future destiny or one in which many shall suffer greatly. This will occur not only on a physical level but on a spiritual level as well.

In the beginning of 2012 approximately 30 percent of the global population will be actively working on their soul awareness. They shall be doing so in order to individually progress and to help Mother Earth evolve.

The other 70 percent will be deliberately (ego consciousness), or through ignorance (apathy), creating the cataclysms the prophets are predicting.

Mankind‟s ego has created its own illusion of how to control not only itself but that of all life it encounters. It has run amok with its inherent destructive behavior throughout the centuries.

The 70 percent we speak of have lost faith not only in themselves but in the Creator, the great source of all life. You must have faith in something, and they have chosen to believe in nothing. They worship only corruptive power, greed, and coveting great wealth. They have lost themselves to the dark side of life one might say.

Mother Earth has already begun her cleansing of mankind‟s negative impact, her natural revolution in energy. Some events are already occurring; volcano eruptions, tornados, flash floods, severe drought, antibiotic resistant super-bacteria and the like.


Mankind‟s past and present destructive decisions run rampant throughout today‟s world. Those destructive decisions have lead to deforestation and corporate dumping of pollution and poisons into our air, water and soil.

These negative extremes and others are still causing incalculable damage to us and Mother Earth.

The 30 percent are working to create a future of peace and harmony. Not only for the next generations of humankind, but for Mother Earth, for she is the key to our success.

We can live in grace and ascend together or she will ascend and remove us from her path to enlightenment.

The 70 percent think that nature is something that can be manipulated and destroyed as they see fit. They also blame nature for all the natural disasters without once looking at themselves as the cause of the disasters.

We have violently raped our home and are in the process of killing this once beautiful planet. She has provided us with everything we need to exist; shelter, food, clothing, water, air, and the like.

Not to mention how many millions of our own kind throughout history the 70 percent have murdered in their search for power.

How ignorant they truly are to think Mother Earth would allow them to kill her in their pursuit of material wealth.

She has already started to purge herself. The negative energy we have dumped into her is starting to be released against us. Through the eruption of earth quakes, floods, hurricanes, droughts, tidal waves, disease, famine, and that‟s just the beginning.

Mankind has caused much misery through war, corporate pollution, and global 11

warming (melting polar icecaps).

The ascension process for Mother Earth is speeding up as she enters and moves through the Aquarian Age. So time is running short before she commits herself to unleashing a total cleansing of mankind.

The analogy can be made that at this time Mother Earth views human beings as a skin cancer. A plague upon her surface which she can heal it, destroy it or let it consume her.

She has been waiting for mankind to find its proper spiritual center, thus working in harmony for all of us to ascend together. But the majority of mankind has failed and/or refused to grow spiritually.

The industrial sector elite view the planet as a „thing‟ they can destroy for the sake of their profit gains. Nothing else matters, not you or I, not Mother Earth or future generations, just their selfish greed.

So Mother Earth has no other choice left except to move forward with us or without us. For her survival and ascension depend on her moving into her evolutionary process of purification.

The 70 percent will blame or look to religion which will not help them, for they feel that they will be saved, or that their god is punishing them. They are lost in their own ignorance.

We need to wake up and start making positive changes in our lives. Time is running out as the point of no return will soon pass and leave us no choice in the matter.

What we have seen so far is very small on the scale of what she can do should we fail to change our destructive ways. She‟s trying to assist us to ascend but the 70 percent are not listening, don‟t care, or simply won‟t give up the material greed.


Those who think the new millennium we have entered will just maintain the status quo are in for a rude awakening. The current path mankind is now on has only one ending through Mother Earth unleashing her arsenal of natural weapons and wiping out the 70

percent of mankind.

The other 30 percent who are trying to make a positive difference will ascend to the next dimension. They will be allowed to move forward with her and to reincarnate back to her in their future lifetimes.

As the 70 percent are cleansed from Mother Earth, they will not be allowed to reincarnate back to it. Their fate condemns them to be reincarnated to other planetary systems that are lower 3rd density planets.

After a period of one millennium Mother Earth shall grant them the privilege of reincarnating once again.

To those in the 70 percent and the top elite, let me speak on your lower negative level for a moment: Remember as you go forth and screw over your fellow citizen, you not only screw them but you screw yourself. Wake up before it‟s too late!

Karma records everything you say, do and think. Sooner or later you have to pay the price for your apathetic ego based indifference.

You created what you are about to receive. Yet you‟ll be the one‟s crying and begging the loudest for others to help you.

The Mayan calendar ends on December 21st 2012. That does not infer an apocalyptic end to the world. Yes, there will be the ever increasing manmade and natural disasters taking place worldwide. The world won‟t end overnight, but will suffer the negative path it has chosen for itself.


The old world forces of corrupt corporate/government power refuse to surrender their control. That will signal the impending battle with the new forces. Those new forces that seek to restructure the new power of individualism in our future world society. Those of the enlightened warriors will continue to do battle with the old world elitists as our future unfolds.

If you were to seek out those remnants of the Mayan society of today, they would emphatically tell you that the world will not end. It is simply entering a new phase of expanded consciousness that will greatly affect Mother Earth.

Mankind will also feel the spiritual effect. Sad to say time is running out for those not working toward their soul ascension.

The world will change drastically for the 70 percent and the elite. A horrific end waits if they don‟t join in the ascension process.