Ascension or Destruction HTML version

Just know that Leahcim Ekrub and Rednaxela Iksnileiz are our first and last names
spelled backward. As we continue on our journey through the Aquarian Age this will be
a common trend in the future. That of spelling one‟s name in reverse yet still
pronouncing it in the familiar.
Therefore names such as Alexander and Michael in the future will be spelled
Rednaxela and Leahcim. Yet they will still be pronounced Alexander and Michael. How
wonderful and exciting the world will become in the new age. For those who survive the
coming ascension I should say.
Michael Burke has mediumistic abilities in the following areas; Clairvoyance, and
Alexander Zielinski is a Reiki Master, Clairvoyant, and Channels information through
Automatic Writing.
You can find more information and material from Alexander and Michael on the
following websites: