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Artifact and the Princess
As is conventional all other worlds revolved around Jhevek, from
the smallest moon, for there are three Icero, Tiat and Lesh, to the
great and burning sun. Very little is know of „other’ worlds, yet the
scholars insist that they are there, out there somewhere in the
vastness of black space itself, of course there were various maps
and charts to prove their existence, but that does little to convince
the common man that these other worlds mean anything to him or
But this story takes place upon Jhevek, at least that is what it was
commonly referred as, the world of Jhevek came into being many
eons ago, from where or from whom we have yet to discern, this is
the subject of great debate among scholars, but at this time that is
not as important as the story before us. The world itself has
suffered through the ages from various wars and cataclysms, but it
has survived, and thrived until the present time.
During the last great cataclysm that shook the world and caused
great destruction upon the land and to the seas, the very gods
themselves disappeared! What became of them, no one knows for
sure. But since that time all the clerics and priests have all but
disappeared also, for what do you need a priest or cleric for if they
cannot commune with their god? Oh of course there are charlatans
out there still, pretenders only, for no one has heard from the elder
gods for almost five- hundred years.
So in light of this situation there has been a rise in the worship of
nature and the land itself. Scattered across the world are pockets of
druids and such who proclaim that by worshipping nature itself
that will bring back the elder gods. But most scholars scoff at this
idea, saying that it is founded in lies and half truths. Yet they are
still attracting many to their cause, leaving the ways of the cities
and villages behind to live off the land in the wilderness.