Article Marketing Secrects That Produce A Successful Online Income HTML version

Chapter 1: Powerful Article Writing Strategies for Exploding Traffic and Link
One of the most discussed topics today is Article Writing. Many Webmasters are jumping into the
bandwagon and are trying to revive and reinvent their old writing talents to good measure.
It is a known fact that there are several benefits in article writing and submitting articles to article
directories. The main objective of most webmasters is to obtain one way links, thereby increasing Link
Popularity and to generate Targeted Traffic.
NOTE: Success is much easier to achieve when tried and tested
strategies are adopted.
Given below are such strategies, if adopted they will have a tremendous impact in Boosting your link
popularity and Exploding Targeted Traffic to your website.
1. TOPIC: In article writing the most important thing is to choose the right Topic. Though you might be
very knowledgeable in sports it makes no sense writing an article on sports if the theme of your website
is Home Based Business. Choose a topic related to the theme of your website. If you find it difficult to
choose a topic, then visit some of the Forums and see what popular topics are being discussed and
select one related to your Home Based Business theme.
2. TITLE: Have a Powerful Killer or Catchy Title that will immediately grab the attention of the Audience
(much like this one did to get you to read it). Success or Failure of your article is to a great extent
dependent on your title. It is worth spending quite some time over this very important aspect.
3. INTRODUCTION: The Introduction has to be very compelling. So write an Introduction that is Concise
Powerful and Absorbing. It should be such that the reader would want to continue reading the article
right up to your Resource Box.