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“Arrive At Success : Conversations Between Networkers That Could Tell Lots
About Your Future” is a novel by Sandeep Nath that takes the reader into the
psyche of a successful networker.
It goes behind the scenes into the world of network marketing… and in a
gripping narrative style reveals orbits of influence that even insiders of this
industry often never reach.
This book is a must-read for anyone looking at the network marketing industry
even with the least amount of seriousness. Some of the author’s experiences
could impact your mind once and forever.
Written to be read and re-read, Arrive At Success is a treat with inspiring stories,
quotable quotes, quips and usable one-liners. But more than that, it is a treatise
about how mental programming and consciousness development pave the way
for eventual success.
D claimer
This claimer claims that all people referred to and written about in this book are
real and can be seen, heard and felt (tasting and smelling are optional). The
purpose of this claimer is to assert that Network Marketing is a very ‘real’
industry and anyone associating with it is associating with a future that only few
have yet seen and understood. Everyone who has experienced success with it will
have no issues in identifying with the industry as it has impacted their lives in
ways unexpected of any other human endeavor. The places, events and
conversations are fictional however.
Sandeep Nath
Note: All persons mentioned in this book have been sent advance copies of the
book for review. None have objected to the use of their name. Several have sent
in reviews, quoted here. All brands and trademarks mentioned are owned by
their respective companies.