Around the World in 80 Days HTML version

Chapter 8
Fix soon rejoined Passepartout, who was lounging and looking about on the quay, as if he
did not feel that he, at least, was obliged not to see anything.
"Well, my friend," said the detective, coming up with him, "is your passport visaed?"
"Ah, it's you, is it, monsieur?" responded Passepartout. "Thanks, yes, the passport is all
"And you are looking about you?"
"Yes; but we travel so fast that I seem to be journeying in a dream. So this is Suez?"
"In Egypt?"
"Certainly, in Egypt."
"And in Africa?"
"In Africa."
"In Africa!" repeated Passepartout. "Just think, monsieur, I had no idea that we should go
farther than Paris; and all that I saw of Paris was between twenty minutes past seven and
twenty minutes before nine in the morning, between the Northern and the Lyons stations,
through the windows of a car, and in a driving rain! How I regret not having seen once
more Pere la Chaise and the circus in the Champs Elysees!"
"You are in a great hurry, then?"
"I am not, but my master is. By the way, I must buy some shoes and shirts. We came
away without trunks, only with a carpet-bag."
"I will show you an excellent shop for getting what you want."
"Really, monsieur, you are very kind."
And they walked off together, Passepartout chatting volubly as they went along.
"Above all," said he; "don't let me lose the steamer."